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Tiffany Launches New Diamond Engagement Rings – For Grooms

It’s been almost 100 years since Tiffany and Co first attempted to release engagement rings for men. While the idea didn’t catch on in the 1920s, it has certainly found success in the 2020s.

Last month, Tiffany & Co. unveiled a new jewelry line that acknowledges all of these shifts: a men’s diamond engagement ring, of up to 5 carats with a price tag of A$15,600 to A$278,500. Named in tribute for the iconic six-prong Tiffany engagement ring setting created by founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, the ring takes the brand into a new era in jewellery.

As the power dynamics of modern relationships equalise and traditional gender roles shift, it has become more common for men to wear an engagement ring. In recent years, celebrities such as Micheal Buble and Ed Sheeran have confidently modelled their own engagement rings alongside their female fiances. Not to mention, the legalisation of same-sex marriage has fuelled a demand for new and better options for grooms.

This sentiment is expressed by Tiffany and Co, who says the collection “honours the jeweller’s long-standing legacy in love and inclusivity, paving the way for new traditions.”

The Charles Tiffany Setting not only fills a huge gap in the high-end jewellery market, but offers men proposing to men, and women proposing to men, a stylish and meaningful option.

Getty Images: Michael Buble’s Engagement Ring

The collection is made up of five different rings that can be made in either a titanium or platinum setting. The bands are designed in the signet-ring style and use a diamond of up to five carats in size over an insignia or hardstone. The round brilliant cuts are set in the same streamlined, knife-edge bands that were inspired by the band on the traditional women’s Tiffany Setting. There’s no doubt that the Charles Tiffany is distinctly masculine, with strong bevelled edges that set it apart from the more feminine ladies design.

While a traditional engagement ring symbolises a woman being promised to a man, this Tiffany ring suggests that in 2021, it’s time that both genders are promised to each other.

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