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Tom Ford Black Orchid: The Top Three Fragrances for Winter

Powerful, seductive, and timeless. Tom Ford’s Black Orchid is a unique fragrance that’s now a cult classic. Since its launch in 2006, the fierce fragrance is a favourite of both men and women. Bold accents, both rich and exotic, mix with your bodies own natural aromas to create a unique scent for every wearer. Due to its popularity, the original fragrance has spawned a whole Tom Ford Black Orchid collection. The limited-edition series of luxurious scents pays tribute to the popularity of his very first fragrance. These are our 3 best luxury fragrances in the Tom Ford Black Orchid collection.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

The classic that started it all. Tom Ford’s Black Orchid original Eau de Parfum is a seductive blend of black truffle, ylang-ylang, rum-soaked black plum, vanilla, sandalwood, and the black orchid. The fragrance provides the perfect dark, dramatic undertones and long-lasting smell that’s noticeable well into the day or night. The uniqueness of Black Orchid is its shining feature. You’ll notice the combination of accords traditionally associated with women’s scents, blended with elements that characterise men’s fragrances. Think warm woody tones blended with spicy notes and vanilla that brings about balance and sweetness.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

Tom Ford’s Velvet Orchid is an Amber Floral fragrance for women that feels luxurious. The fragrance carries the bold legacy of the original Black Orchid but stands on its own glamorous floral signature. Launched in 2014, it borrows the same glamorous mystique of its predecessor yet strides into new territory. Created for women, Velvet Orchid takes new ingredients to reveal a brilliant and lavish with a refined sense of femininity. It’s daring and dramatic but in a more refined way than Black Orchid. Many of the familiar warm, woody and spices tones are to be expected but a freshness comes out through the floral, honey and rum scents. It’s an attractive fragrance that wonderfully evolves from Black Orchid leading the collection in a new and exciting way.

Tom Ford Black Orchid Parfum

The Orchid Parfum, launched in 2020, is a much more potent version of the classic. The powerful fragrance takes the iconic scents of the original to the next level. You’ll notice top notes of truffle and plum are backed by the common notes of rum, ylang-ylang and black orchid that the collection is known for. This enriched version amplifies the original scent to create a new striking fragrance. Modern and timeless, the Black Orchid Parfum makes a glamorous and stylish statement perfect for both men and women. Tom Ford Black Orchid Parfum comes in a luxurious all-over gold bottle of 50 and 100 ml varieties.

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