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Test Your Problem-Solving Ability at One of These Escape Rooms in Perth

With everyone gripped by the mega-popular Netflix series Squid Game, heading to your nearest escape room could be the next best weekend activity to put your problem-solving skills to the test. In a race against the clock, you and your teammates are tasked with cracking codes and solving difficult puzzles before your time runs out.

Whether you’re looking to book a birthday party or a cool date night, escape rooms allow you to immerse yourself in a themed room by, of course, getting trapped inside. With escape room venues in Perth offering a range of different themed rooms at different difficulty levels, there’s an escape room experience for everyone.

Escape Hunt

Priced between A$36 to A$44 per person, Escape Hunt’s five-star escape room experiences are another great option if you’re looking to put your problem-solving skills to the test inside a themed escape room. Located in Fremantle, Escape Hunt also offers immersive outdoor games which see you and your teammates use augmented reality and geolocation technology to crack codes and solve puzzles together.

Escape This

Situated on Lake Street in Northbridge, Escape This is one of Perth’s top-rated escape rooms. From bank heists to pirate ships, Escape This offers nine different immersive escape rooms at various difficulty levels. Priced between A$35 to A$49 per person, Escape This is located behind Mustang Bar and is open until 9 pm making it a great date night activity or weekend outing with friends.

Lost Reality

Located in Cannington, Lost Reality offers four different escape rooms to escape from. Pick from The Frozen King, The Jungle, The Mafia, or The Witch’s Potion and navigate your way through themed puzzles before the hour’s up. Depending on group size, prices range between A$38 to A$46 per person.

Time’s Up

With an escape rate of 47 per cent, experienced escape room lovers and newbies alike will enjoy trying to beat the clock at Time’s Up. Situated in Wanneroo, Time’s Up offers a murder mystery room, a country Western-themed room, a fantasy-style room and a cave room that is yet to be unveiled. Time’s Up also has a location in Bunbury.

Mystic Clue Room-Escape

Mystic Clue in Rivervale offers three different escape rooms: Flight 729, The Vault and Magician’s Code. Will you crack into the vault to save the city from a madman? Will you scramble to successfully avoid a plane crash? Or will you and your friends figure out how to crack the magician’s code? Prices range from A$35 to A$45 per person.

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