The wine industry has become the latest realm to delve into NFTs | Source: Scoop

Traditional Wine Culture is Dead: Wine Paired NFTs

A glass of red, a slice of camembert and a side of NFTs might just be the modern-day drinks and nibbles.

The wine world has become the latest industry to invest in NFTs, or “non-fungible tokens”, which have rapidly been taking over the crypto-currency world since 2014, but began to peak in sales in early 2021. According to data from Being Crypto, global NFT sales reached A$3.09 billion in March of this year.

And industries are fighting to sink their teeth into the fast-growing market. Endless luxury brands including Prada, Barbie, Balmain and everyone in between are taking part in the digital asset.

Enter the realm of the digitised wine world. Already a cesspool of exclusivity and refined taste; wine NFTs actually kind of make sense, bar the actual taste of the grape.

Below are four wine labels that have launched their very own non-fungible tokens.

Penfolds Australia

Australian wine-maker Penfolds is releasing the limited edition Penfolds Magill Cellar 3 barrel NFTs. Only 300 digital bottles will be available and valued at around A$180,000.

The process will be verifiable through the blockchain and each bottle will have a unique bottle number and gift box.

This is our first venture selling wines via NFT and cryptocurrency, allowing us to connect and build relationships with new collectors, who buy and trade luxury wine in a completely new and refreshing way.

Chief Marketing Officer Kristy Keyte

What’s more, Penfold has thrown in some extra offers to sweeten the deal. Upon purchasing your Penfold NFT, you will also receive a private wine tasting in Penfold’s winery in South Australia and a vineyard tour. For those who can’t make it, a virtual tasting and visit to the winery will also be included in the package.

2021 Magill Cellar 3 barrell A$180,000 | Source: Decanter

Graham Norton x Sarah Jessica Parker’s Invivo Wines

Invivo Wines and its celebrity brand collaborations released ten NFTs in a first release under; Graham Norton HE-DEVIL NFTs. The bottles featured an artwork signed by Invivo Co-Founders and were listed on Opensea for 0.06 ETH or around A$403.88.

A second collection will later be released based on the Invivo X Sarah Jessica Parker Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and Rosé.

“We enjoy building the Invivo community and we see our long-term NFT strategy as part of our business, building value in the digital world and creating an exclsuive community”, Invivo Co-Founder Tim Lightbourne said in an interview.

“This is about continuing to innovate in the wine world,” he said.

Graham Norton X Invivo HE-Devil Wine NFTs A$403.88 | Source: He Devil

Chateau Angélus

Located in Bordeaux, France, Chateau Angélus is a historic, family-owned wine brand. NFTs of the Bordeaux En Primer 2020 has been released on OpenSea.

The bottles feature 3D labelled art of Chateau’s emblem in an intricate design, showing a Saint-Emilion bell tower.

The NFT will give owners rights to one barrel of Chateau Angélus, Premier Grand Cru Classé A, Bordeaux 2020. A purchase of a Chateau Angelus NFT also granted you a virtual tasting with Chateau Angélus CEO and Co-Owner, Stéphanie de Boüard-Rivoal and a stay at the acclaimed Logis de la Cadène in France.

The iconic Chateau Angélus bells which will be engraved on the NFT wine bottles | Source: Business Wire

Yao Family Wines

Yao family wines partnered with former basketball NBA star Yao Ming to release a limited edition NFT drop. The “Chop Drop”, consisted of 200 bottles of wine at auction, paired with NFTs.

On offer, was the Chop 2016 Cabernet Sauvignon was produced from a vineyard in the Rutherford District of Napa Valley. Each bottle featured a seal of Yao Family Wine’s, founder’s name in ancient Chinese script.

Pairing this exquisite wine with a limited edition NFT should appeal to wine collectors, sports memorabilia collectors, NFT collectors, early adopters and anyone who appreciates the value of one-of-a-kind assets.

Jay Behmke, President of Yao Family Wines
“The Chop” Cabernet Sauvignon for auction | Source: Yao Family Wines

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