Soho Interiors combine old-world sophistication and rich colour palettes | Source: Pinterest

Transform Your Home with these Soho House-Inspired Interior Trends

Built on exclusivity, Soho House has long been shrouded in a sense of mystery and intrigue. Primarily aimed at high-flying creatives, the group of private clubs began in London’s trendy Soho District in 1995 and now operates 27 Houses across 10 countries.

Those granted membership have access to exclusive, high-end restaurants, gyms, lounges, spas, pools, hotel rooms and a host of luxury amenities.

Befitting of a prestigious members’ only club for creatives, the interiors of Soho House are typically a mix of eclectic and lavish décor. Think dimmed lighting, mid-century furnishings, velvet carpets and marble tables.

With a number of chic and luxurious locations across the globe, including Los Angeles, New York, Mumbai and Hong Kong, Soho House are practically experts in curating an atmosphere of comfort and creativity.

If you’re looking add some tasteful maximalism, texture and inner-city sophistication to your home, here are eight interior trends inspired by Soho House worth trying.


Layered design involves bringing different and often contrasting elements that work in harmony together into your interior space. It adds depth, warmth and contrast. The technique must be done carefully in order to ensure materials work cohesively together.

  1. Choose a main colour gradient, maybe one that matches other rooms in your house
  2. Use patterns and use them wisely
  3. Spice up the colour blocks with artwork
  4. Mix materials and textures; light throws and blankets or rich, heavy rugs

Monica Ikat Cushion

Reflecting a Soho Farmhouse, the deep burgundy of the Monica Ikat cushion is the perfect start to layering a textured room.

Monica Ikat Cushion, Burgundy A$248.02 | Source: Soho Home

Choosing your colour palette

Say goodbye to neutral colour tones and minimalist décor. Soho House is defined by its rich colours, deep hues and statement-making pieces. Think autumn and winter colours; burnt oranges, gingery-browns, inky navy blues and pale greens. A Soho House colour palette is dramatic and set to dim lighting and feature chandeliers.

A fusion of cultures

Soho House draws style and inspiration from their global scale of locations. Grand architecture in London, eclectic colours in Barcelona or mosaic tiling in Istanbul, fusing patterns and furnishings from different Soho locations is the perfect way to pay homage to the worldwide members’ club.

The fusion of cultures also taps into an escapism design trend; a pandemic influenced desire to bring international interior design and culture into our homes.

Arabic-Inspired Aziza Rug

This Arabic-inspired rug is the perfect addition to a pocket of a Soho House-inspired bedroom or living area. The rich textures and exotic patterns successfully fuse Arabian taste and colours into any room.

Aziza Rug A$2,291.32 | Source: Soho Home

Feature lighting

Mixed-material décor is the best way to brighten any interior and make it welcoming, playful and most of all, intriguing. Feature lighting pieces are one of the best ways to illuminate your home and mix materials in the same breath.

The Seed Chandelier on display | Source: Soho Home
Seed Chandelier

Taken directly from the interiors of White City House and 180 House is the Seed Chandelier. Built from patinated brass orbs, the unique chandelier is a striking centre piece for any communal living space.

Lighting is made fun with this head-turning chandelier. The piece features multiple working bulbs and an antique iron-finished frame.

Seed Chandelier A$2,289.82 | Source: Soho Home

Luxury Terraces

Outdoor décor is one of the most important aspects to integrate into your eclectic and vibrant home if you plan on hosting your own sophisticated summer soirees.

Drawing from the warmth of Mediterranean alfrescos, a Soho House-inspired terrace will provide the ultimate backdrop to an afternoon Aperol spritz with friends on a balmy evening.

Rina Concrete Coffee Table

Built from glazed cast concrete, this coffee table is simplistic in design, yet its rich red hues makes it the ideal statement piece for a luxury outdoor setting.

Rina Concrete Coffee Table A$971.78 | Source: Soho Home

Adding contemporary art

A touch of contemporary or abstract art is a must if you’re looking to add some Soho House sophistication into your space. When choosing wall art, it’s important to continue the flow and feel of the other home interiors.

The perfect piece will complement the mixed décor of the home and infuse its own sense of unique flair at the same time.

Pilhas by Carla Noronha

Portuguese artist Carla Noronha has created this work using acrylic, graphite and oil bars on canvas. The exclusive piece pays homage to Noronha’s heritage and the confusing feelings she felt when leaving Portugal for the United Kingdom.

Pilhas by Carla Noronha A$6,057.29 | Source: Soho Home


Repurposing antique and vintage items is a classic trend used in many Soho House locations. Avoid new and shiny pieces and instead opt for brass, refined wood and plush armchairs and carpets.

Old-world sophistication is the perfect touch that comes from upcycling vintage items. Hit your local antique shop or garage sale to find your own statement vintage pieces.

Reade Wall Light

Initially designed for Soho House Chicago, this wall light is now being used worldwide. Its mid-century style brushed brass finish is ideal for a bedside table or reading nook.

Reade Wall Light, Antique Brass A$521 | Source: Soho Home

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