The 644-foot private residential yacht The World is seen sailing off the coast of Greenland. (The World Residences at Sea)

Travel From Home: Inside The World Luxury Residential Cruise Ship

If you have ever thought about what it would be like to travel the globe from the comfort of your own home then you’ve probably heard of The World Cruiser. The World is a lavish residential cruise ship that has been voyaging the globe since its launch in 2002. While the ship took an extended break during the pandemic’s peak last year, it has once again returned to the world’s oceans with its community of ultra high net-worth guests on board.

Image: The World at sea

Onboard, you will find 165 private residences in the form of studio, one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom apartments. By owning one of these residencies, the residents also collectively own the vessel and have a say in everything from the cruise itinerary to the decorations used at Christmastime. The current residents come from 19 different countries and form a highly exclusive international community of people with a similar outlook on life. Sharing a passion for travel, adventure and curiosity about the world, the residents also each have to have a net worth of at least US$10 million or A$14 million.

While on-board studio residences cost around A$4 million, you will be paying up to US$20 million for a three-bedroom suite. Complete with master bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, full-sized kitchens, separate living and dining areas, as well as private balconies with views over the day’s destination, the residences are extremely luxurious. While the apartments are unrivalled in style and opulence, the major appeal and price tag comes from the ability to travel the world from the comfort of your home.

With all of your things on-board, there’s no packing or unpacking, dealing with airports or flight delays, or any of the other usual inconveniences that come with travel. The ship offers an adventurous but extremely comfortable lifestyle in one package. Residents wake up with a different view every day and have the opportunity to explore a new area as often as they like.

A bedroom from one of The World’s three-bedroom residences
The living room from one of The World’s three-bedroom residences

So what’s life aboard The World really like? Well, residents are treated to everything that you would expect from a luxury vacation or cruise. There are six onboard gourmet restaurants and Michelin-star chefs that can help you prepare a meal in your private kitchen. There are spas, yoga and pilates instructors, fitness classes, swimming pools and the world’s only regulation-sized tennis court at sea. That’s not to mention the libraries, 12,000-bottle wine collection and gourmet deli filled with local food from each destination.

As part of The World’s enrichment program, the vessel regularly hosts renowned science and cultural experts to lead discussions and lectures about topics relevant to upcoming destinations. Other times, it will be professional artists, dancers and performers that are brought on board for an evening of exclusive entertainment.

The swimming pool on The World
The World’s full-sized tennis court

So where does the cruise ship actually travel to? The list is endless. Every year, the residents come together and create a customised itinerary according to where they want to travel the most. There’s usually a mix of cultural and history-themed destinations, nature-based expeditions and beautiful tropical islands to unwind on.

In 2021, The World cruise ship is planning on cruising through the Mediterranean, the Caribbean Islands, Central America and the Baja Peninsula, before heading into the 2022 itinerary that involves stops in the Caribbean, South America, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Middle East, as well as adventurous expeditions throughout the Tuamotu Archipelago and the Marquesas of French Polynesia, the Austral Islands, and Iceland.

The World undertaking a rare expedition
The World undertaking a rare expedition

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