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Treasures and Trinkets: Designer Rings That Make a Statement

This season’s ring trends are all about making a statement. Expect your fingers to be layered with bold graphics, oversized designs and stacked rings of different styles. Silver and gold still reign, but you will find more coloured gemstones and trinkets utilised within this year’s favourite styles. The stacked trend gives you the freedom to play with different styles and colours, as a mixed and matched aesthetic becomes favoured.

These are some of our favourite designer rings to wear this year.

Vivienne Westwood rings

Vivienne Westwood rings have an element of magic in their designs. Reminiscent of the treasures you may discover within a pirate’s chest, the rings feature engraved mystical symbols and beautiful coloured gemstones. We love the Reina Petite ring with its central pink opal cubic zirconia, and the Ulysses silver tone seal ring crafted with sustainable recycled silver.

Gucci rings

With a collection of designer rings out of a movie villains wardrobe, Gucci’s rings are rebellious, bold and historic. With gargoyle-like, animalistic heads, the rings are crafted from sterling silver and feature a decadent aged finish. With a choice of villainous snakes, tigers, cats and skull images, these rings are sure to give you a powerful confidence boost.

Dior rings

Paying homage to Christian Dior’s superstitious nature, Dior’s rings are influenced by figures found on traditional lucky charms and trinkets. The whimsical collection plays with gold-finished metals and coloured lacquer to create evoke an air of history and magic. While the rings are designed to be collected and worn together, each one is distinct enough to be worn as a stand-alone piece.

Fendi rings

With the graphic Fendi initials, there’s no mistaking who’s ring you’re wearing. With black, white and crystal enamel options, you can choose the tone that suits you best. With slim and layered gold band options, we still love the thick gold band for a more dramatic look. Pair these heavier rings with a daintier version for a cool, layered look.

Versace rings

It’s no surprise that Versace’s glamorous ring collection makes use of the brand’s iconic medusa figurehead. Enriched with deep metallic gold, brass and silver tones, the rings are the perfect way to elevate a neutral outfit. With encrusted crystals and three-dimensional finishings, pair a couple of these rings with a black slip dress or pantsuit and you’re guaranteed to turn heads.

Louis Vuitton rings

Louis Vuitton’s ring collection contains some of this year’s most subtle pieces. Playing with the blossom motif, the rings are exquisitely delicate and feminine. We love the two-row Idylle blossom ring in 18-karat pink gold and diamonds for a contemporary but subtle look. While if you’re looking for a gift idea then you can’t go past the three entangled florals on the classic Idylle blossom ring.

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