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Tropical Rum: Four Cocktails that Taste Like Summer

Looking to switch up your usual rum and coke? When it comes to tropical cocktails, rum-based concoctions take the cake. From the classic mojito to the endless types of daiquiris, rum cocktails evoke sunset drinks on the beach, palm trees and long days in the sun. When it comes to recreating your favourite rum cocktails, choosing a versatile and high-quality rum, like Plantation Xaymaca Special Dry Rum or Flor de Cana Extra Seco, is a must.

The Painkiller

Back in 1971, bartender and owner of Soggy Dollar Bar in the British Virgin Islands unknowingly concocted the iconic rum-based cocktail, the Painkiller. Comprised of four parts pineapple juice, one part orange juice and coconut cream and two parts dark rum, the tropical cocktail immediately transports you to a beachside vacation, and if it doesn’t straight away it should do after a few more.

Jungle Bird

Reportedly created in the early 70s at a bar in the Kuala Lumpur Hilton, the Jungle Bird is another delicious and tropical rum cocktail worth making. Simply shake dark rum, a dash of Campari, pineapple juice, sugar syrup and lime juice, pour over ice and garnish with a pineapple wedge, of course.

Watermelon Daiquiri

When it comes to daiquiris, you can use any fruit and it’ll work. But if you’re after a refreshing and summery cocktail, a watermelon daiquiri will do the trick. To make this icy cold cocktail, simply freeze four cups of watermelon diced into cubes and blend with light rum, lime and orange juice and add sugar syrup to taste.

The Classic Mojito

When it comes to refreshing citrusy cocktails, the classic mojito is always a winner. Before adding in those delicious pops of green into your white rum, soda water and lime juice mix, be sure to muddle your mint and sugar. Garnish with mint and a lime wedge and you are good to go!

Looking for some more summery cocktail recipes? Find out how to make some of Italy’s most beloved spritz cocktails here.

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