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Truffle Hunters: The Must-Do Activities This Canberra Truffle Season

Home to over 80 native truffle species and the annual Canberra Region Truffles Festival, Canberra is a haven for truffle enthusiasts. With the help from some late summer rain and a frosty autumn cold snap, this year’s truffle season started two weeks early and Canberra’s residents and restaurants have been making the most of the indulgent winter treat. With the region’s truffle season well underway, there’s no better time to immerse yourself in one of Canberra’s truffle hunts, menus and produce.

Truffle hunt with L’Air du Wombat Truffles

Experiencing a real-life truffle hunt is a must-do activity for any truffle enthusiast. L’Air du Wombat Truffles host truffle hunts every weekend through the truffle season. Join the very clever truffle hunting dogs as they search the farm for the prized Black Perigord truffle.

On the hunt, you will be accompanied by a guide who will tell you everything that you need to know about the truffles and the L’Air du Wombat Truffle farm. On this hunt, participants are uniquely allowed to help the dogs dig up the truffles, pat the dogs while they work and get a photo with them at the end of the hunt. With social-distancing measures in place, you can grab your gumboots and safely join in the hunt.

L’Air du Wombat Truffle farm
L’Air du Wombat Truffle farm

Truffle Luncheon with Macenmist Black Truffles & Wines

Macenmist Black Truffles & Wines not only host annual truffle hunts with their two clever truffle dogs, but a three-course truffle luncheon to complete the day. Served at the scenic rural property, the paddock to plate journey features a number of delicious truffle dishes accompanied by a selection of Macenmist wines. With only a few more luncheon dates available before the end of the season, it’s best to book quickly so that you don’t miss out.

Macenmist Black Truffles & Wines
Macenmist Black Truffles & Wines

Truffle Ramen from Ramen Daddy

If you haven’t been sampling some of Canberra’s best restaurant take on the indulgent fungus then you’re doing truffle season wrong. One of the most creative, and delicious takes on the truffle, is found at one of Canberra’s favourite ramen bars, Ramen Daddy. Located at Verity Lane Market, the bar is known for its blend of Japanese fine dining with authentic street food.

This truffle season, the Ramen Daddy chefs have created mouthwatering Tokyo Shoyu Truffle Ramen. Featuring a clear soy-flavoured chicken broth, fresh TerraPreta truffles, chicken breast, pickled shiitake, soy egg, sesame edamame, truffle-infused shallot oil and micro purple kohlrabi, you can grab this dish until the end of the season.

Tokyo Shoyu Truffle Ramen

Experience truffles from home with Viva La Truffle

Whether you’re stuck in lockdown or simply want to bring the truffle season to your home then Viva La Truffle has the goodie box for you. Filled with fresh truffles, wine, tasting notes and exclusive truffle inspired recipes the Viva La Truffle showcase box makes immersing yourself in the truffle season from home easier than ever. With an additional ebook of recipes and links to masterclasses, you will be whipping up a delicious truffle dish in no time.

Viva La Truffle Showcase Box

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