Swarovski x Xbox crystal collection | Source: Xbox

Two Swarovski x Xbox Crystal Collectables Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Halo

A luxury crystal maker meeting a gaming giant sounds like the start of a riddle. In truth, Swarovski teaming up with Xbox is the start of a celebration. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Halo, one of the consoles most popular gaming exports. To commemorate the occasion, fans can enjoy two incredible crystal collectables.

The emblematic items from the game, Master Chief’s iconic Mjolnir helmet and the Energy Sword are recreated by the high-end Austrian crystal maker. Sculpted from a single piece of crystal, the helmet features 140 facets. The sword is crafted with 204 facets from 13 different cut crystal pieces and is tipped with two stainless steel nibs.

While the two brands hail from rather different worlds, the collaboration has come together through a shared ideology and mutual values with Xbox saying:

Swarovski and Halo embody the same ideals of heroism and wonder – offering ever-present reminders of what self-discovery and imagination can do. Together, the exquisite pieces tell a story of innovation and inspiration, paying tribute to the impact of Halo over the years.

The unique collection is limited to 177 rare crystal pieces and will not be sold by Swarovski or Xbox. Instead, they will be given away via Swarovski official sweepstakes and StockX ‘Campaign for a cause’, to lucky entrants.

The entry form is completed upon entering personal details, unfortunately only available to fans in the United States. The form goes on to ask a few questions about the interest in future collectables from other franchises – suggesting we might see Swarovski further collaborating with the gaming world in the future.

This isn’t the first collaboration we’ve seen this year between the physical and digital world. Luxury fashion house Balenciaga combined forces with online gaming giant Fortnite to release a collection that spanned both the online and offline worlds.

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