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Up Your Game With the Best Electric Golf Buggies of 2021

There’s one thing that makes a round of golf easier; a good, electric golf buggy. Lugging a heavy set of clubs around the course drains your energy and can take away from your game. When you want to spend more time concentrating on your game and less on carrying your clubs, then a quality, reliable electric golf caddy should be your companion. Let the electric motor take the burden off your hands so you can enjoy your game. Let’s take a look at some of the best electric golf buggies in Australia.

Bat-Caddy X4R Remote Control Cart

Bat-Caddy is a name well known in the electric golf buggy world. Renowned for making some of the best and most popular buggies on the market. The Bat-Caddy X4R is up there with some of their best. It’s a high-tech, lightweight, machine with aluminium bag supports and secure bungee cords to fit any golf bag. The aluminium alloy frame is bolstered by strong stainless steel engine components like gearboxes, axles, and motor housings.

The electric buggy is also maneuverable, with a four way range of motion, adjustable speed controls and a timed distance advance feature. Optimal performance is at about 10-20 yards, although it can be operated by remote over 100 yards away. The two independently controlled 200W electric motors are powerful enough to tackle any steep course with inclines of up to 30° yet remain quiet and steady. Top speed comes at just over 5.5mph.

MGI Golf- Zip Navigator Caddy Cart

Stabile, reliable and simple to use – this electric golf buggy is popular for its overall quality. The remote-controlled electric golf caddy features the Australian brands famous all-direction remote control and patented gyroscope that automatically keeps the trolley on a straight track.

The electric buggy is powered by two 230W motors, and you can control its speed remotely or let the automatic downhill speed control handle any hilly terrain on its own. The MGI Golf- Zip Navigator also features an all-terrain rear wheel tread, a swivelling front wheel, and an anti-tip fourth wheel for maximum stability. This is all put together in a neat one-piece folding design that’s significantly lighter than previous models.

Callaway Traverse Electric Golf Cart

Callaway is one of the biggest brands in golf so it’s no surprise they supply one of the best electric golf buggies in Australia. It sleek simple design in the form of a lightweight aluminium frame that’s easily folded for storage and transport. Featuring an adjustable handle and elastic straps for a secure fit, this electric buggy only weighs around 20kgs with the battery. It has variable speed control and three programmed speed settings as well as preset distances if you want it to go on ahead without you.

The three-wheeled cart is powered by high torque twin motors that are sealed in a case, leading to a smooth, quiet operation. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery will give you around 27 holes worth of playing time and takes six hours to charge. Its range of 75 yards is great for almost all instances and the electric buggy moves in all forward, back, left and right directions. All up the Callaway Traverse is powerful, easy to use, and reliable and definitely lives up to the high standard of the Callaway brand.

Motocaddy S7 Electric Trolley

The UK brand is one of the leaders in golf carts and other accessories in the European market. The Motocaddy S7 is one of their best models. The electric caddy features dual-pressure buttons for precise control of orientation as well as automatic downhill control and an emergency stop button. The S7’s other features include a quick fold assembly mechanism, an optional manual control mode and a streamlined battery tray.

The high-quality aluminium frame features an ergonomic handle and is propelled around the course by two 230W motors. The lithium battery will allow you 18 holes on a single charge with a cart weight of about 15kgs including the battery. The remote-control cart has an advanced drive system to optimize battery usage and the integrated storage compartment for your remote means you don’t have to worry about where to put it. As a comfortable piece of equipment, the S7 is one of the easiest remote-control electric carts to use offering a stable drive and plenty of accessories.

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