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Update the Look of Your At-Home Bar With These Crystal Glasses

You can mix a cocktail in just about anything – a jug, a pint glass or a fancy, crystal mixing glass. But a cocktail always tastes that bit more delicious, if it is made with beautiful tools. Mixing it should feel like a ceremony, a ritual, rather than just another job. If you are, like me, a lover of Martinis, Negronis or Old Fashioneds – cocktails that should all be stirred, rather than shaken – then your life will be immeasurably improved by the acquisition of a good mixing glass and glassware. Here is some of the best glassware to help you update your bar cabinet and make the job of stirring a cocktail that little more enjoyable.

Crystal whiskey glasses

The Waterford Lismore Evolution Tumbler is the perfect glass to enjoy a traditional Negroni or a neat whisky. Spanning the history of the Lismore pattern from 1952 to the present, the Evolution line features the Classic, Essence, Diamond and Opulence patterns. A perfect addition to any bar cabinet, if they aren’t already part of your collection.

Waterford crystal glasses

The Aras Double Old Fashioned glass set by Waterford is the ideal glass for any vintage cocktail. The vertical cut in the design is a symbolic representation of Ireland’s architecture paying tribute to the many beautiful castles and building in their design. What is the perfect cocktail for this glass you might be asking? The Manhattan, of course. Combine two parts rye whiskey, 3/4 parts sweet vermouth, and two dashes of bitters into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir well, and then strain into a chilled glass. Enjoy!

Waterford crystal wine glasses

A modern interpretation of the signature Lismore pattern, the Lismore Essential White Wine set is the perfect collection to have when hosting a dinner for family and friends. Enjoy a glass of Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc, or a Riesling in one of these crystal classics. Featuring a slender bowl to channel aroma, and a long stem to preserve temperature – it’s the perfect set everyone should have in their home.

Crystal gin glasses

Gin lovers rejoice. Enjoy the perfect Hendricks gin and tonic, without having to be stingy on the cucumber, with the Gin Journeys Lismore Balloon glasses. These glasses are sure to make any day feel that little bit more special, even if you’re mixing a gin and tonic, for yourself after a long week at work.

Crystal decanter set

A crystal decanter seen is a great addition to any home. Adding the ultimate touch of luxury – this crystal decanter by Waterford Australia is a must have on our shopping list. A traditional fine crystal Decanter that accentuates the taste of fine wine, cordial or brandy. Perfect for displaying your favourite brandy and a great gift for Christmas.

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