Swiss-born artist Urs Fischer has just opened his first solo exhibition in Mexico City | Source: Art Flyer

Urs Fischer Opens First Solo Exhibition in Mexico City

Positioned in the outdoor plaza of Mexico’s Museo Jumex, one of the city’s leading art museums, is a soaring 10-metre tall sculpture crafted by Swedish contemporary artist, Urs Fischer. A unification of stainless steel, cast aluminium and gold leaf, this piece features two figures balancing gently on each other, seemingly defying any sort of gravitational pull.

The sculpture, named The Lovers #2, is a part of Fischer’s first major and solo exhibition in Latin America, on show until September 18.

A render of the Lovers sculpture, currently on display in the plaza of Museo Jumex | Source: Art Fix Daily

This kind of movement of the sculpture outside was somewhat based on sensual moments.. this moment of the gold is connected to the body. Gold is everything that’s around us, it reflects.. Gold is hyper-aware of its surroundings.

Urs Fischer for Forbes

Inside, the head-turning and evocative pieces continue, bringing together international works, private collections and Fischer’s own works.

The Swiss-born artist is best known for his disruptive art, which resists easy classification. Fischer began his education at the Schule für Gestaltung in Zurich, where he studied photography and supported himself with work as a bouncer at Zurich nightclubs.

His collections have since featured in exhibitions across the globe, including the Kunsthaus in Zurich, New Museum in New York City, Palazzo Grassi in London and Centre Pompidou in Paris.

In 2011, Fischer held an exhibition at the Venice Biennale, where he featured a wax copy of the 16th-century Rape of the Sabine Women sculpture, which was a wax candle that was lit and slowly melted throughout the exhibition.

A Melting Wax Copy of the Rape of the Sabine Women Sculpture by Urs Fischer | Source: My Modern Net.

Set over multiple floors, Lovers offers a distinct experience on each level. Each floor offers a different part of Fischer’s artistic journey.

Lovers is a beautiful hym to the energy of life. To the forces that shape it and that consume it. To the feelings, the emotions and the fears that make life in general, no matter what, a wonderful adventure, a play, or a game with its winners and losers. The goal of this show is to be beautiful, experiential and exciting to watch

Guest Curator Francesco Bonami

On the first floor sits an aluminium rhinoceros, titled Things, 2017. Growing out of the rhinoceros is an assortment of objects including a ladder, table, car door and vacuum cleaner. The piece represents humanity and its obsession with consumerism as a force that has remained constant throughout history.

Things, 2017 by Fischer currently on display at the Museo Jumex in Mexico | Source: This is colossal

An installation of 6000 raindrops titled, Melody, 2019, features in the gallery. Each raindrop is made from materials including plaster, water-based polyurethane paint, stainless steel and is up to 6cm in length.

Melody, 2019 is an installation of raindrops and features in the Museo Jumex | Source: Urs Fischer

The exhibition is extensively advertised throughout Mexico City, in a campaign designed by Fischer himself and shown on billboards, bus stops and newspapers.

On show until September 18, Lovers, is a thematically installed exhibition, depicting a passage of Fischer’s growth, creativity and humour.

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