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Valentino Vintage: Releasing a High Fashion Resale Market

As consumers become more aware of their consumption, second-hand clothes and vintage apparel continues to climb in popularity.

The secondhand market is projected to double in the next 5 years, reaching approximately A$103.6 billion

ThredUp 2021 Resale Report

Unfortunately for many, there’s always been something missing in the market – luxury fashion items. That is until now.

Coinciding with the continued rise of vintage shopping, the famous Italian fashion house, Valentino is opening up the vintage re-sale market to the world of high-fashion. Aptly naming the project ‘Valentino Vintage,’ the luxury brand aims to provide a second life to vintage Valentino garments and bolster its sustainable future.

From the designer who defined the Golden Era of Hollywood to today’s forward-thinking future, Valentino continues to push the boundaries of luxury fashion.

The Valentino Vintage project is rolling out under two phases. Phase one of the project is live now with a dedicated Valentino Vintage webpage providing all the information necessary to give a second life to vintage Valentino garments.

Partnering with vintage boutiques around the world, the Valentino website shows the contact information of the participating stores. Customers can then send a photo of their used Valentino garments and request an appraisal.

Upon a positive appraisal, the store will invite the client to participate in an appointment that will offer a price range for the piece. If the customer accepts, they are then able to exchange their worn pieces for store credit to use on new Valentino collections.

The inaugural list of vintage boutiques includes Madame Pauline Vintage in Milan, New York Vintage Inc. in New York, Resurrection in Los Angeles and Laila Tokio in Tokyo. The label’s flagships stores in the same cities are also part of the project and more stores are yet to be announced.

Phase two, scheduled for January 2022, offers the chance for customers to shop second-hand vintage Valentino garments in-store. More details on phase two are yet to be announced. Valentino vintage presents a unique chance for high fashion aficionados to tap into the expanding second-hand market.

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