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Versace Dinnerware: Time to Fork Out on Tableware

Bringing out the fancy dinner set turns an ordinary dinner party into something special. While you may inherit a favourite dinner set from a parent or grandparent, there’s something uniquely personal about buying one of your own. It allows you to choose something a little more modern, that you love, and that’s more suitable to your style and home decor.

While Italian fashion house, Versace, may not be the first to comes to mind when choosing your next dinnerware options – Versace has designed a baroque-inspired collection under its homewares label – and we are in love.

Versace recently collaborated with luxury homewares, Rosenthal to create the beautiful Versace La Scala del Palazzo Verde fine dinnerware collection – inspiration from the Milanese palazzo in Via Gesù which Versace calls home.

Virtus Gala

The Virtus Gala collection uses dazzling metallic shades of gold and black in plates and dishes. With elegant gold borders, medusa logos and splashes of white, the collection offers a nod to Versace’s Barocco aesthetic. We love this glamorous Virtus dish for olives and other nibbles, while the Virtus Gala plates set the scene for a decadent dinner party.

Barocco Mosaic

Cleverly combined elements of the brand’s heritage prints into a baroque-inspired mosaic, these luxury dinner plates offer a bohemian edge to the designer collection. Featuring pastel purples, soft mints and classic gold tone patterns embellished with the Versace logo, these stunning plates will make a great addition to your collection.

La Scala del Palazzo

The La Scala del Palazzo collection is the protagonist of the Rosenthal meets Versace collection. The fine porcelain plates draw their inspiration from the marble staircase in Versace’s Milanese palazzo. With beautiful swirling metallic spirals and a delicate green palette, the plates are just the thing to transport you to the fashion capital of Italy.


Taking inspiration from one of the world’s most powerful feminine icons, the Medusa, the porcelain plates are adorned with a collection of heritage gold-tone Barocco borders. With a choice of royal colours, including deep purple, pink and cornflower blue, you can mix and match the set to create a unique one of your own. With the mix and match colours, these plates are often chosen to be used as wall decor.

I Love Baroque

The I Love Baroque dinnerware takes elements from the Virtus Gala set. With similar shades of gold, black and white, the collection adds a signature Baroque print, urns, laurels and ornaments to the design. Embellished with gold accented Medusa, the plates are a glamorous addition to any dinnerware collection.

Scala del Palazzo Rosa

The rose coloured version of the beloved Scala del Palazzo dinner set offers a romantic alternative to the muted green pallet. Featuring the same elegant staircase inspired pattern, the Scala del Palazzo Rosa plates can be mixed and matched with the green plates for a fun take on the luxury dinnerware set.

Medusa Rhapsody

The Medusa Rhapsody is a bright burst of sunshine amongst the deeper shades of the collection. Crafted in high quality porcelain, the plates feature a swirling all-over motif of Barocco flower with a gold-tone Medusa in the centre of some. The two larger sized plates are embellished by a cool Versace 90’s Vintage logo as well.

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