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Water Boxing: The New Way to Stay Fit

You may have heard of water-filled punching bags, but have you heard of water-filled boxing gloves? Created by Texas-based pro boxer and trainer, Tony Adeniran, the Aqua Boxing Glove uses the power of water to create a travel-friendly resistance boxing workout. Could it be the next fitness trend?

Boxing, just add water

While the Aqua Boxing Glove hasn’t hit the market yet, its success as part of a Kickstart campaign is promising, with more than A$35,00 pledged to the product already.

The science behind the glove is that when the wearer punches, the water moves to create momentum and then resistance when the arm is retracted.

Creator of the glove, Tony Adeniran, told News Atlas that the inertia created when using these water-filled gloves simulates the feeling of punching in a real fight when the lactic acid builds in your muscles.

It’s a heavy feeling in the shoulders, biceps and core, so allowing the water to flow freely and communicate throughout the glove and around the hand more closely mimics true fighters’ fatigue in the later rounds.

Tony Adeniran

It’s this high-resistance element that makes the Aqua Boxing Glove a potentially fantastic tool for strength training, high-intensity interval training as well as boxing and kickboxing. It can also be used in conjunction with ‘on demand’ fitness programs like FightCamp and Peleton.

Made from the same materials as boat buoys, the Aqua Boxing Gloves are built to last. After use, you can simply drain them, making the gloves travel friendly. The planned retail price is approximately A$270.

Aqua Punching Bags

In the meantime, fitness fanatics and boxers alike can try water-filled punching bags, which work in a similar way by simulating the recoil you’d experience from striking a real opponent.

Image: Everlast Hydrostrike Heavy Bag $399.00
Image: 30L Water Punching Bag Aqua with D-Shackle and Chain $219.00
Image: A-Frame Aqua Training stand and punching bag approx. $500.00

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