Discover where you can find the delicious French delicacy, raclette, in Perth | Source: Eately

Where to Find Raclette in Perth

The Swiss dish of raclette, where deliciously melty cheese is scraped straight from the cheese wheel and enjoyed over potatoes and bread, is the ultimate comfort food. Perfect for cold days, or any time of year, there are a handful of places you can get your raclette fix in Perth.

The Woodpeckers

Located on Wexford Street in Subiaco, The Woodpeckers has been serving up good Italian food for some years now, including the beloved raclette cheese. Typically served with crispy potatoes, you can get in on this cheesy goodness during the cooler months at The Woodpeckers.

Pimlott & Strand

Based in Dianella, Pimlott & Strand is a cafe, restaurant and deli that offers all the best cheeses, meats, antipasto and more. This year Pimlott & Strand hosted its very own free raclette tasting day, paying tribute to the delicious melted cheese with potatoes, baguettes and steak along with free tasters, so be sure to look out for Pimlott & Strand’s raclette day.

Bloody French

Serving sophisticated Mediterranean dishes with a French twist, Bloody French is another restaurant that dishes up raclette. Situated in Subiaco, Bloody French is a great place to enjoy some traditional raclette on a rainy day.

Little Sister Delicatessen

Situated on Market Street in Fremantle, Little Sister Delicatessen is a one-stop-shop for all things cheese and charcuterie. During the winter months, you can get your hands on some delicious hot grilled raclette from this cheese haven.

The Cheese Shop

Bringing premium quality cheeses from across the globe, The Cheese Shop is the perfect place for cheese lovers and those who are on the hunt for raclette. Located in Kalamunda, keep an eye out for The Cheese Shop’s raclette melts which usually come complete with Spanish jamon and pickles.

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