AWAS X Overeem Single Malt Whiskey Source: AWAS

Whiskey Collecting: The AWAS x Overeem Single Malt Whisky Is Here

The Australian Whisky Appreciation Society’s (AWAS) latest release is born from an exciting collaboration with one of Tasmania’s most beloved distilleries. The AWAS x Overeem Sherry Cask Matured-Exceptional Marriage Single Malt is born from rich barrels of Overeem and taken to the next level with the innovation of the AWAS team.

Having been given access to Overeem’s barrel vault, the team’s series of experiments lead to a sherry cask maturation of one of the distillery’s best malts, resulting in a partnership between Australia’s biggest online whiskey community and one of the country’s most iconic distilleries.

Source: Overeem

The AWAS x Overeem Sherry Cask Matured-Exceptional Marriage Single Malt is bottled at 55% ABV and enjoys five years of maturation. The resulting drop is a rich amber colour that embodies the depth of its taste. The malt begins with white chocolate, toasted oak, musk, dark berries and kiwi fruit nose before giving way to a creamy texture and sweet fruity essence. Notes of raspberry tart, strawberry, burnt toffee, musk sticks, and white pepper lead to a sweet and spicy finish.

Source: AWAS

This bottle is set to be one of the society’s most exclusive with only 275 bottles on offer. If you’re planning on getting your hands on a bottle then you can expect to pick up a 700ml bottle for AU$279.

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