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Whisky Collection Direct from the Bowmore Distillery Sells For Over $760,000

Black Bowmore is no easy whiskey to get a hold of. Sotheby’s recently sold an archive cabinet featuring five bottles of Black Bowmore for over AU$760,000. The extremely rare collection of Black Bowmore single malts came directly from Bowmore distillery on Islay and included bottles distilled between 1993 and 2016.

First distilled in 1964, the Black Bowmore cabinet houses the five releases of the legendary whiskey; starting with 1993 as a 29-year-old, following by the 30-year-old, the 31-year-old, the 42-year-old and the 50-year-old editions.

Black Bowmore is one of my personal favourite whiskies and a dram I have been lucky enough to try on a number of occasions. Its value has increased exponentially over the years, which can be attributed to its undeniable quality and, now that so many bottles have been consumed, its newfound rarity. We are thrilled to partner with Bowmore for this landmark offering in the world of collectible whisky.

Jonny Fowle, Sotheby’s Spirits Specialist

The handcrafted cabinet in itself is a masterpiece and doubles as a functioning bar complete with a set of solid brass coasters, six hand-made glasses and a water jug. The unique bespoke piece of furniture is hand-crafted by award-winning craftsman John Galvin made from four elements that represent Bowmore; wood, peat, grain, and water.

The one-of-a-kind archive cabinet took Galvin two years to complete capturing the time heritage and spirit Bowmore puts into its whiskey. As well as the five bottles, the cabinet contains an original Bowmore Spirits safe, the only of its kind, and a book detailing the journey of Black Bowmore.

More recent versions of the famous whiskey include Bowmore 15-year-old, Bowmore 25-year-old, Bowmore 30-year-old and its flagship drop, Bowmore 12-year-old. As avid whiskey lovers will attest to, Bowmore 12-year-old Islay Scotch is some of the finest single malts in the world. A fine example of a quality single malt that seems more mature than its 12 years.

The whiskey is a real labour of love. Care and attention to detail in every bottle that creates the complex balance of smoke and fresh stone fruit notes.

Bowmore 12 Year Old

If you know Scotch Whiskey, you will likely know the Bowmore name. It’s the first licensed Islay distillery, the second oldest distillery in Scotland and the world’s oldest whisky maturation warehouse. Steeped in history, tradition is in Bowmore’s blood.

Founded in 1779, on the Isle of Islay, the distillery is home to the legendary No.1 Vaults. It’s here that Bowmore matures its single malt expressions that are amongst the most collectible around the world.

The Black Bowmore 1964 may be the most sought after single malt in the world. Fetching over AU$760,000 a world-class auctions, to Aston Martin and Bowmore’s AU$93,000 per bottle collaboration, the Black Bowmore is not simply a single malt, it’s an icon of the whiskey world.

The pioneer of Islay Whiskies, Black Bowmore whiskey is characterised by its peat smoke aroma. Beloved by Scotch whiskey enthusiasts everywhere, Bowmore is one of nine active distilleries on this island and also the oldest.

Founded in 1779, its Scotch is defined by the ‘art of time.’ An investment of time and a labour of love equating to unparalleled single malts. To this day it still honours the original whisky-making techniques – hand-turning barley, perfectly timed fermentation periods, hand-selected casks, and careful inspections give their whiskey its uniqueness.

Bowmore’s 12 year old Scotch is the flagship of the company. It’s a dark Scotch at first glance with hints of gold and light amber. Open the bottle and the scent is mild and smoky, indicative of the Islay whiskies, accented by notes of bergamot, lemon blossoms and fresh cut hay.

To taste, the same peat smoke comes through as with the aroma, yet its rich but not overwhelming. It’s fairly balanced with orange blossom honey and bourbon barrel vanilla. It’s a remarkably flavoursome drop for a single malt, hence why it’s such a popular bottle and one of the finest single malts.

Nose: Subtle lemon and honey, balanced with peaty smokiness

Taste: Dark chocolate flavours, warm and easy on the palate

Finish: Smokey and grassy, warm long and mellow finish

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