VIDEO: World Superyacht Awards 2022 – Eco Technology Leads the Way

Held at the prestigious Westminster Abbey in London on the 20th and 21st of May, the 2022 World Superyacht Awards recognised winners from across the globe. One of the winners included a support vessel with an onboard laboratory that developed an FDA approved Covid-19 testing kit and a 60 metre sailing yacht whose owners found themselves stranded in the Caribbean so set to work on philanthropic conservation projects.

The categories for the awards included motor yachts with displacement hulls and motor yachts with semi-displacement hulls split into multiple categories depending on weight and length. There was an award for best refit and best rebuild, as well as a voyager category for yachts that had travelled great distances, often thousands of miles from civilisation.

As tastes change from building larger vessels and using them purely recreationally, to superyachts embarking on scientific research efforts in the furthest reaches of the oceans, the World Superyacht Awards aim to recognise those designers and shipyards who are adapting their offerings to meet market expectations. Collaboration, recreation and conservation have been resounding themes, as evidenced by the judges’ decisions this year.

Let’s take a look at some of the notable winners.

Motor Yacht of the Year: Viva

One of pre-eminent Dutch Shipyard Feadship’s most ambitious projects scooped the prestigious Motor Yacht of the Year award with its focus on limiting emissions to the same level as the owner’s previous superyacht, which was comparatively much smaller. The 94 metre superyacht, Viva, makes use of an advanced hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system that is much kinder to the environment and operates far more efficiently, limiting damage to the underwater environment and reducing vibration and noise.

Special Pearl-White livery adorns the exterior and the hydrodynamic hull is designed to maximise efficiency through the water. One of the most impressive design elements of the yacht is the floor-to-ceiling glass windows on three levels, enhancing the Peter Marino interiors and allowing vistas of the surrounding ocean or coastline.

An indoor movie theatre, beauty salon, elevator, underwater lights, beach club and gym are some of the home comforts onboard Viva. This yacht was commissioned by an avid superyacht charterer who is planning to take the yacht into sensitive marine areas.

Interiors are indulgent, yet sophisticated and comfortable. Peter Marino made his name designing luxury department store Barneys New York in 1985, as well as 17 freestanding Barneys department stores in the U.S. and Japan between 1986 and 1993. We can expect the insides of Viva to showcase his signature opulent style with pared-back flourishes of elegance.

Refitted Yachts: Masquenada

The owner behind the Refitted Yachts category winner, 51 metre Masquenada, Pier Luigi Loro Piana, is an avid mariner who likes to spend up to six months of the year at sea. His recently designed and built sailing yacht, My Song, custom built by Baltic Yachts, was lost overboard whilst being transported though the Mediterranean. Loro Piana was desperate to get back out on a yacht, saying he still had many places to travel to. So, the Masquenada was born from his longing for the sea.

There was enough space and I could see how she could work as more of an explorer boat and less of a luxury superyacht, which is what I liked.

Pier Luigi Loro Piana, Owner of Masquenada
51 metre Masquenada
Masquenada | Source: Superyacht Times

Built by Chinese shipyard Penglai in 2007, the yacht needed to be refitted with a seven tonne crane below the aft deck, a reconfigured master suite and two of the decks to be lengthened by 1.5 metres. Lusben shipyard in Livorno, part of the Azimut-Benetti Group were tasked with the refit. Loro Piana also wanted the vessel to be able to operate silently.

The previous Italian owner had brought the boat to Lusben for refit works, so they were familiar with the yacht when they embarked on the eight month project. The result is something pretty special. The Masquenada has space for two storage boxes for small sailing boats on the bridge deck aft, and an extended beach club sitting just 1.2 metres out of the water, in a nod to Loro Piana’s sailing past.

The addition of an amphibious tender, Iguana Jones, completes the go-anywhere appeal of the yacht with its tracks for driving on land. It can never be stranded by the tide and doesn’t need an onboard cradle. Masquenada appealed to judges as it’s a superyacht that could go to exotic and remote destinations, whilst guests experience complete luxury. The interior areas are a mix of leather, wood and quality carpet underfoot, designed by Loro Piana’s wife and designer Misa Poggi.

Sailing Yachts, 40m and Above: Path

The 46 metre sailing yacht, Path, is a long-range bluewater cruising yacht designed to circumnavigate the world with the owner’s three generation family. It gives the entry an impressive purpose for being built and, as the judges discovered, executed perfectly.

Built by Baltic Yachts with architecture by performance oriented firm judel/vrolijk, Path is a state of the art cruising yacht. It has a relatively simple backup propulsion system and huge solar panel array capable of delivering an impressive 8kW at its peak, which the judges loved.

46 metre sailing yacht, Path
Path | Source: Yachts International

The separation between sailing operation areas and the sheltered cockpit is another notable design feature. There is further separation between the uncluttered foredeck tender area and the vast saloon, making it an easy yacht to sail with guests kept well out of the way.

Interiors are sumptuous and comfortable, using plenty of wood panelling and featuring a clean, modern design. The yacht can fit up to eight guests and seven crew members including the captain. With a view to circumnavigate the world, the yacht was designed to, in the owner’s words, be a “Home from home, but also a modern mobile office and a safe family environment.” They wanted the ability of being able to work whilst on expedition and for the stay on the yacht to be as comfortable as possible for all guests.

Other features the judges liked include an all-electric Torqueedo tender and an at-anchor swimming pool hidden under the tender storage area on the foredeck.

Semi-displacement or Planing Motor Yachts, 35m to 39.9m: Koju

When you are on a boat, you don’t want to feel like you’re in an apartment or just a bus with a long sofa and chairs

Carl Pickering, Lazzarini Pickering Architetti.

This incredibly gorgeous 36.8-metre Motopanfilo superyacht draws inspiration from the Benettis of the 60s and 70s. With its striking shear lines and a fibreglass and composite hull, it was clear winner in its category. Built by Benetti for an American buyer, it will be available to charter in the Mediterranean this winter.

36.8-metre Motopanfilo superyacht
Koju | Source: Boat International

The interiors of the 36 metre superyacht, Koju, are clearly inspired by 1960s design. The owner wanted them to have a “soft” feeling, Pickering said. “We wanted to create the illusion of being in the belly of a whale,” referring to the curved “ribs” of the interior made of white lacquer in the main salon, contrasting with the light wood on the overheads.

Interiors of Koju
Interiors of Koju | Source: Boat International

Outdoor living spaces on Koju are another amazing feature. The forward deck lounge has a spa and there is space on the sundeck for a bar as well as loungers. An “observation deck” sits above the sundeck and was designed for relaxing with a glorious view of the ocean.

Four Azimut-Benetti Motopanfilo hulls have been sold already with each getting a custom interior fit-out. From 2001 a Space Oddity white, to darker colour palettes, the versatility of the design is a huge advantage. The now ubiquitous floor-to-ceiling windows give the interiors plenty of light and of course, amazing views.

Judges’ Special Award: Gene Chaser

When coronavirus hit, Dr Jonathan Rothberg, already the owner of an Amels 180 superyacht, Gene Machine, knew that the effort to develop a rapid home test kit would fill most of his time. While his 54 metre superyacht had an onboard laboratory, he would need more space, more equipment and a dedicated support vessel in order to help.

Dr Rothberg specified that the support vessel Blue Ocean be refitted and transformed by Amels and Damen Yachting into wet and dry laboratories for research projects. Other areas on the boat were reserved for education and conferences. After the newly christened 55 metre Gene Chaser was refitted early in 2021, Rothberg and his team set to work developing a new Covid-19 self testing kit for rapid diagnosis.

Gene Chaser superyacht
Gene Chaser | Source: Amels

Gene Chaser can sleep up to 11 scientists, academics and engineers as well as four permanent staff running the laboratory and workshop. It has a 225 square metre exterior deck with enough space to store a Fjord 42 and Hatløy Maritime Oxpro AL8 landing craft.

Captain Matthew Gow revealed that the creation of a chaser dedicated to scientific research had been on the cards for a while.

The owner and his team can dedicate Gene Chaser and its onboard operations to the bold, extensive projects they have planned, it provides more lab space and room for essential equipment; importantly, it also enables them to separate this work from their family time on Gene Machine.

Gene Chaser Captain Matthew Gow

The test developed by Dr Rothberg can diagnose Covid-19 in less than an hour and received FDA approval in 2021. He first announced his intention to develop a Covid-19 test back in March 2020, aboard Gene Machine.

Judges’ Special Award: Seahawk

60 metre sailing yacht Seahawk deserves the feel-good award for this year. It got a nod from the judges due to the owners’ pandemic-enforced philanthropic work in the Caribbean and Galápagos Islands. They became trapped in Bonaire, near Venezuela, when restrictions meant they could not go into port.

Making the best of a bad situation, they decided to spend their time stranded on the island to donate and volunteer for an animal sanctuary. Afterwards, they fulfilled a lifelong dream of assisting marine science and coastal community welfare.

Seahawk, built by Italian Shipyard Perini Navi, was designed for a first time sailing boat owner, European fashion magnate Jürgen Friedrich. It was sold by Burgess Yachts to its current owners in 2019 for about A$44 million.

Perini Navi collaborated with Vancouver-based designer Ron Holland and also designed the exteriors, while the interior comes from famed French designer, Christian Liaigre. He decided on a warm, natural palette because of the abundance of light, from the large glass windows separating the saloon and cockpit. Seahawk’s carbon fibre rigging is a bold bright red, and has brand new Perini Navi winches on a reengineered platform.

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