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Culinary Atlas: Where to Find the World’s Most Decadent Oysters

The simple shellfish is a marker of delicious decadence and luxury. Enjoyed all over the world, oysters are a symbol of opulence and good taste. And like a fine whiskey, an oyster’s flavour depends on where it’s harvested. Certain locations come to mind when you think of the best oysters; France, Australia and Scotland to name a few. Here’s a look around the globe at the places that produce some of the world’s most popular oysters.

Kelly Oysters, Galway, Ireland

For many years some of the highest-quality oysters come from the beautiful waters of Galway Bay on Ireland’s West Coast. As such an established part of Ireland’s culinary background, the Kelly Oysters from the area deliver big, bold ocean flavour, thanks to the pure wild sea blending with crystal-clear water.

Sydney Rock Oysters, Australia

Farmed in several locations around the state including Shark Bay, the Wingan Inlet and the east coast of New South Wales, Sydney Rock Oysters are known for their firm and elastic texture and distinctive taste. A sturdy, adaptable oyster, they are a different species to the North American Oysters offering slender, cylindrical bodies and an earthy, pungent flavour

Sydney Rock Oysters, Australia
Source: East 33

Loch Ryan Oysters, Scotland

As one of Scotland’s largest oyster beds, both wild and farmed Ostrea edulis oysters are harvested at Loch Ryan. Known around the world for their tangy, long-lasting metallic flavour, these oysters are round, flat and intense in character. The historic maritime place is the oldest and only commercial wild oyster fishery in Scotland.

Loch Ryan Oysters, Scotland
Source: The oysters my world

Gillardeau Spéciale Oysters, France

The Gillardeau family company, based near La Rochelle in western France, is famous for its strictly cultivated oysters with meaty flesh and an ‘endless ocean of flavours’. Founded in 1898, the internationally renowned French brand’s plump and soft oysters with a refreshing hazel aftertaste are consistently ranked some of the best in the world.

Santa Catarina Oysters, Brazil

The coast of Brazil’s Santa Catarina state is home to some of the world’s finest oysters living in the cold Patagonian currents making them particularly tasty. The traditionally salty Santa Catarinas are perfectly complimented with lime and the rocky minerality and vegetal tones of the meat make them a highly sought-after dish.

Santa Catarina Oysters, Brazil
Source: Conde Nast Traveler

Bluff Oysters, New Zealand

From the southernmost tip of New Zealand’s South Island, Bluff Oysters grow in arctic temperatures and at great depths creating its rich, succulent flavours. The large, intense and juicy oysters have a limited harvest in the Foveaux Strait making them even more of a delicacy. Every year in May, locals and visitors gather for the Bluff Oyster Festival.

Bluff Oysters, New Zealand
Source: NZ Herald

Delaware Bay Oysters, USA 

The Southern Delaware Bay is home to two prized oyster varieties – Cape Shore oysters and inner bay oysters, both have a delicate flavour and plump, firm meat. The Cape Shore variety is briny, sweet and nutty, the inner bay variety offers a milder taste. For 200 years they’ve been harvested for restaurants in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Chicago, St. Louis and San Francisco.

Delaware Bay Oysters
Source: Cool Green Science

Marennes Oléron Oysters, France

From the Bassin de Marennes Oléron area in France, these oysters are known for their refined, delicate, less bitter and iodised taste. There are a number of varieties however, some are watery with fine flesh, others are rounder, firmer, crispier or with a more pronounced, long-lasting, nutty taste.

Marennes Oléron Oysters
Source: Taste Atlas

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