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  • Fastbrick Australia has entered a building pilot program agreement with Archistruct Builders & Designers
  • This three stage agreement will represent first revenue for Fastbrick
  • The program allows FBR to demonstrate the speed, accuracy, reliability and safety of its Hadrian X construction robot

Robotics company, Fastbrick Australia has entered into a building pilot program agreement with Archistruct Builders & Designers.

Fastbrick Australia is the joint venture company established with Brickworks Building Products, which offers Wall as a Service (WaaS) to the Australian market.

This is a three stage agreement, with the first stage being a demonstration under which Fastbrick will supply WaaS for five to 12 house structures on FBR premises. This will use a range of designs supplied by Archistruct.

Each of these structures will be subject to inspection, reporting and assessment by both Archistruct and independent consultants to ensure they meet relevant building standards.

Any time between the completion of the fifth and twelfth house structure, Archistruct can declare the demonstration stage to be complete. This will cause the second stage, the display home stage, to begin.

In this stage, Archistruct and FBR will enter a contract where Archistruct will build a display home using Fastbrick Australia’s services and the display homes to be purchased by FBR.

After the completion of the display home, it will be open to the public and to all current and potential collaborators, suppliers and customers from international markets to promote the use of Hadrian X in residential home construction.

Hadrian X is an artificially intelligent robot that uses FBR’s dynamic stabilisation technology (DST). It measures movement caused by wind, vibration and inactivity, and counteracts it in real-time by using advanced algorithms to provide unprecedented precision.

However, if Archistruct and FBR do not enter this second stage of the agreement within three months of the completion of the demonstration stage then the remainder of the program may be terminated.

The final stage of the agreement is the builder’s project stage in which Archistruct will engage Fastbrick to supply WaaS for single storey residential structure under a building contract with a homebuyer.

This stage can be entered into as soon as the demonstration stage is completed.

Fastbrick will be paid for each of the structures built which represents first revenue for the company.

This building pilot program with Archistruct allows FBR to demonstrate the accuracy, speed, waste profile, quality, safety and reliability of the Hadrian X construction robot in a low-risk environment.

“An important part of the building pilot program is that it helps to inform Archistruct about how the Hadrian X and WaaS impacts and improves the broader building process for residential homes,” FBR CEO Simon Amos said.

Fastbrick is intending on entering a similar pilot program arrangements with other WaaS customers as part of its commercialisation strategy.

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