Geelong Grammar School, Victoria

Geelong Grammar School is an independent Anglican co-educational boarding and day school.

This school boasts a reputation as a pioneer of modern education. Established in 1855, the School has always had a distinctive character.

After outgrowing several Geelong locations the School moved to a 245-hectare site on the edge of Corio Bay in 1914, creating the unprecedented learning and living environment that exists today at the Schools community.

In 1953, it achieved Timbertop, a remote campus in the foothills of the Victorian Alps inspired by the philosophies of German educator Kurt Hahn. Timbertop exposes the School’s Year 9 students to intellectual, physical and emotional challenges under demanding environmental conditions, where they connect to their personal strengths, develop confidence and learn the value of co-operative endeavour.

In the early 1970s, the School became co-educational preparing students for the dynamic modern world through enabling boys and girls to live and learn alongside each other.

It is now Australia’s largest co-educational boarding school. Spread across four campuses, it has a non-selective enrolment policy and approximately 1,500 students from Early Learning to Year 12, including more than 800 boarders.

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