The Market Herald responds to the Facebook news announcement and likely positive impact on audience, revenues and market share

" The Market Herald responds to the Facebook news announcement and likely positive impact on audience, revenues and market share

The Market Herald Limited (ASX:TMH, “The Market Herald”) is pleased to provide an update on the Facebook Australia restrictions on Australian news publishers
Damien Klassen Head of Investments at Nucleus Wealth - The Market Herald

" An extraordinary clash of conditions in investment markets

Investment markets have a host of both positive and negative factors fighting for supremacy.
DomaCom Australia – CEO, Arthur Naoumidis - The Market Herald

" Why has the Government forgotten senior Australians?

Working Australians and businesses have been the understandable focus of the Federal Government’s financial assistance in the wake of the COVID-19-induced recession.
Kauri Asset Management - Investment Manager, Michael Smith - The Market Herald

" US Banks in Focus as Earnings Season Kicks Off

The latest round of earnings are set to pour through, with the US banks on the radar of funds and analysts in the week
The global economy on the path to recovery

" The global economy on the path to recovery

The reopening of the global economy should mark April as the low point of this recession.
Rare Infrastrucure, Managing Director, Nick Langley - The Market Herald

" The Listed Infastructure Opportunity

For investors looking to achieve inflation-linked absolute returns, the infrastructure asset class provides a number of attractive characteristics.
Resonant Asset Management - Director, Nick Morton - The Market Herald

" Equities at a Crossroad – Five Key Topics

Clearly Australia has faired better than most in terms of COVID-19 outcomes, driven partly by the skill of policy makers and politicians, but
Datt Capital - Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Emmanuel Datt - The Market Herald

" ‘Walking the walk’: Why more investors are attracted to co-investing

Alignment of interest is a concept basic to a great many modes of human behaviour yet in the funds management sector it does not necessarily
Australian Invoice Finance - Managing Director, Greg Charlwood - The Market Herald

" Six ways small businesses should prepare for a reduction in government support

As the COVID-19 pandemic matures, the initial economic support introduced by the government will eventually begin to wind down.
Aberdeen Standard investments - Senior Investment Director, James Thom - The Market Herald

" Asian quality a differentiator amid unsettled outlook

The outlook for Asian equity markets appears unsettled amid fallout of the coronavirus pandemic and risk of recessions, even as nations ease lockdowns and re-open