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  • Digital maternity care company HeraMED (HMD) has hit a “truly significant milestone” with a Perth hospital, The Joondalup Health Campus (JHC)
  • JHC has agreed to use the HeraCARE solutions as its primary standard of care for expected mothers, the company’s first commercial rollout of the technology
  • This agreement will give pregnant mothers the option to have a tele-health appointment using the remote monitoring solution, especially in these times with Omicron spreading
  • The initial agreement is for 12 months and has a contract value of around $220,000
  • On the market, HeraMED is up 1.72 per cent and trading at 29.5 cents per share

A Perth hospital has agreed to a full commercial rollout of HeraMED’s (HMD) HeraCARE.

The Joondalup Health Campus (JHC) will use HeraCARE solutions as its primary standard of care for expected mothers.

JHC is within the Joondalup Private Hospital, which is located in the northern suburbs of Perth, it provides maternity care to around 3000 expectant mothers each year.

HeraMED has labelled this a “major milestone” as it is the first full-scale commercial rollout of the technology as a standard service to be offered to all suitable pregnant mothers by a hospital.

HeraCARE is an at-home digital pregnancy monitoring software-as-a-service platform designed to improve prenatal and postnatal care.

The initial agreement is for 12 months and has a contract value of around $220,000.

The maternity care company began working with JHC in 2020 through a clinical trial that delivered clinical and functional validation of the HeraBEAT device which forms the backbone of the HeraCARE solution.

The accuracy of the HeraBEAT device was reportedly found to be excellent when compared to the industry gold standard CTG (Phillips Avalon) machine

HeraMED CEO and Co-founder David Groberman said this is a “truly significant milestone for HeraMED”.

“I am delighted we have reached this agreement with JHC as it demonstrates that our strategy of delivering clinical validation of the HeraCARE platform, which led to a successful paid pilot, provided the correct foundation for broader commercial rollout of HeraCARE within the hospital,” he said.

“2022 will be a transformative year for HeraMED as we work towards delivering similar deployments with other key partners.”

JHC Acting Chief Executive Benjamin Irish said being able to provide an option for expectant mothers to have tele-health appointments using the remote monitoring solution will benefit during 2022 with the spread of Omicron.

“It reduces the need for women to attend antenatal appointments in person so frequently, unless any complication is detected. This allows us to continue providing the highest
quality care antenatally with the added benefits and convenience of reducing the need to come into hospital unless necessary,” he said.

On the market, HeraMED was up 1.72 per cent and is trading at 29.5 cents per share at 12:00 pm AEDT.

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