Australia’s revolutionary high-fibre wheat. Source: CSIROscope
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High-fibre wheat that can produce flour containing six times more fibre than standard wheat flour is set to enter the Australian market in 2023.

The wheat has been developed over 20 years by Arista Cereals — a joint venture company formed by French farmer-led cooperative Limagrain — alongside Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO.

Allied Pinnacle, Australia’s leading flour and bakery manufacturer, in late March announced it had secured the exclusively-licensed patents for high-fibre wheat in Australia.

On Friday last week, CSIRO confirmed that high-fibre wheat, which offered health benefits to its consumers, was expected to be made available to Aussies this year.

The product’s benefits stem from the amount and type of fibre it contains — adequate for good gut health.

CSIRO said the high-fibre content was produced through conventional breeding to provide more resistant starch than traditional wheat.

Allied Pinnacle CEO David Pitt said the manufacturer was “investing in the future health of Australians”.

“Unlike other ‘healthy’ flours, high-fibre wheat and the resulting flour it yields, looks, tastes and bakes like regular flour, answering consumer demand for healthier products that don’t require any new eating habits,” Mr Pitt said.

“It’s a true grain-to-table solution that we’re proud to provide.”

According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, Aussies are recommended to consume three to four serves of grain foods a day, with at least half as wholegrains or high-fibre grain foods. 

“Using high-fibre wheat in your favourite grain foods is an easy way for Australians to increase their intake of fibre without having to sacrifice taste or texture,” Allied Pinnacle General Manager of Innovation Robyn Murray commented.

“This is a big win for the grain food industry and the Australian consumer.” 

High-fibre wheat products are already available in the US and are being developed in both European and Japanese markets.

In Japan, Allied Pinnacle business owner Nisshin Seifun Group has exclusive rights to high-fibre wheat throughout the country.

Arista CEO Eric Vaschalde said entry into the Australian market would bring benefits to Aussies across the country.

“Following the introduction of this high-fibre wheat in the USA, Japan and Europe, I am delighted to announce a long-term partnership in Australia, home of our shareholder CSIRO,” he said.

“Consumers will now be able to enjoy the benefits of increased fibre in their favourite white bread, using only wheat, with no compromise to taste.” 

In 2022, Crop Life Australia revealed that Aussies weren’t eating their recommended share of whole grains.

Most Australian adults eat just 1.5 servings or 21 grams of whole grains per day — not enough to support peak health, according to the Australian Dietary Guidelines.

Data indicated that eating three servings, or 48 grams per day, has been linked to a 20-30 per cent reduction in risk of total mortality, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke and bowel cancer.

The introduction of high-fibre wheat products in Australia this year could offer welcome relief for those wanting to boost their whole grains intake.

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