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Hazer Group has been granted its first Australian patent titled ‘A process for producing hydrogen and graphitic carbon from hydrocarbons.’

This patent is in addition to two previous patents granted in December 2018 and certified in February and April 2019.

When combined together these patents offer broad and enforceable protection for Hazer’s core technologies in Australia. CEO Geoff Ward knows that this approval is a big step in the right direction Hazer.

“This is the first granted standard patent in Hazer’s intellectual property portfolio protecting the Hazer Process- a significant milestone for Hazer and its team,” he said.

The Hazer Process enables the effective conversion of natural gas, and similar materials, into hydrogen and high-quality graphite using iron ore as a catalyst.

The aim is to save the hydrogen producer and provide cleaner hydrogen with significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Hazer has multiple applications for its clean hydrogen with fuel cell vehicles, grid smoothing, and stationary power.

The Hazer Process also produces synthetic graphite which is used in lithium batteries, lubrication, and industrial applications.

Remaining applications remain ongoing and are continuing to be pursued per the normal procedures and timelines of various relevant organisations.

Please find the announcement here

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