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  • Impression Healthcare has entered an agreement for the use of its product Dronabinol in a clinical trial for sleep apnoea
  • A portion of Dronabinol will be used for its traditional use in helping patients who suffer loss of appetite and nausea caused by chemotherapy

Impression Healthcare is closing in on conducting a sleep apnoea trial with its cannabinoid medicine Dronabinol after entering an agreement with Myoderm North America. It has also applied for an import permit from the Office of Drug Control in Australia.

Part of this shipment will be used in conjunction with other pharmaceutical ingredients to create a unique product for the potential treatment of sleep apnoea.

Another part of the medication will remain unchanged and be used for traditional indications such as loss of appetite in people with HIV, AIDS and nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy.

Sleep apnoea affects more than 30 percent of men and nearly 20 percent of women. It can be a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts throughout the night.

It can be a serious condition because air stops flowing to the lungs and therefore breathing stops. Sensing that you’re not breathing the brain triggers the area which forces you to wake up slightly and take a breath. This usually happens multiple times throughout the night and causes the body to not have a proper nights rest.

Dronabinol was the first ever cannabinoid medicine permitted for patient use by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It is taken orally usually for treating nausea and vomiting when other drugs haven’t worked. However, recently published studies have shown that it can also significantly improve sleep apnoea.

Previously those suffering from sleep apnoea used the CPAP breathing device but according to Impression CEO Joel Latham half of those who end up using it throw it away because it’s “uncomfortable and cumbersome.”

The formulation for the sleep apnoea trial was designed with the assistance from the Medical Cannabis Research Collaboration with the purpose to potentially enhance understandings of the effect of Dronabinol on sleep apnoea.

Impression expects that the protocol for the clinical trial will be completed shortly and will provide updates when the trial formally begins. If the trial is successful then the potential exists for further trials.

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