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  • Advertising and marketing company iSynergy is set to launch a new e-wallet feature for its MY Smart Shopper program
  • The new payment method will line up with a Fasspay contract to make the online shopping app quicker and easier to use
  • My Smart Shopper is a mobile app which rewards shoppers with cash and other prizes for every buy made through the program
  • The market seemed pleased with iSynergy’s news today as shares closed 17.65 per cent up to be worth 20 cents each.

iSynergy is set to launch a new e-wallet feature for its MY Smart Shopper (MSS) program.

MSS is an online retail mobile application that offers shopper rewards for every purchase made through the software. It is designed to drive traffic to partner retailers’ outlets and platforms while encouraging users to shop through the MSS app.

Today’s announcement will coincide with a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with iSynergy’s international subsidiary iSynergy International (ISI) and Fasspay.

Fasspay provides mobile payment services and will combine its technology and software with the MSS platform to create the new e-wallet called MSS Pay.

Essentially, this means the MSS platform will per able to offer users both cash and cashless payment options to make the MSS mobile app more convenient and quicker to use.

ISI CEO Lennon Chu said the company wants to design a revolutionary mobile payment process.

“Providing innovation to our customer’s experience is at the core of our efforts. We are designing a mobile payment solution that is innovative, secure, and dynamic,’’ Lennon said.

MSS currently boasts three million users who have the option to buy products from more than 2500 participating merchants. Furthermore, MSS is managed by iSynergy’s Affiliate Junction, which itself is home over 30,000 affiliates and 2500 advertisers.

The market seemed pleased with iSynergy’s news, with the company managing to close trading as one of today’s top gainers.

iSynergy shares are currently worth 20 cents each and trade in a $31.16 million market cap.

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