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  • Kleos Space has been informed by Rocket Lab that the Kleos Scouting Mission launch period has been extended to October 2019
  • The launch was originally planned for August 2019
  • Kleos is well-prepared, however will use the extra time to expand contracts, develop data products, and progress the second generation of satellites
  • The Scouting Mission will launch nano-satellites to uncover hidden, illegal maritime activity which costs the U.S government billions

Kleos Space has been informed by Rocket Lab that the Kleos Scouting Mission launch period has been extended to October 2019.

“The Kleos Scouting Mission launch is dependent on parties outside of Kleos control. Notwithstanding that our team has ensured that our satellites are mission ready, but we cannot launch without a vehicle,” Kleos CEO Andy Bowyer said.

“Following six successful orbital missions since January 2018, Rocket Lab is rapidly scaling production and launch operations to meet growing market demand,” Rocket Lab Chief Executive Peter Beck said.

“We look forward to launching Kleos satellites in the coming months as we continue to increase our launch cadence,”

The planned mission will be focused on delivering enhanced coverage of the Earth closer to the equator. The goal, in particular, is to uncover hidden maritime activity in the interest of disrupting illegal fishing, smuggling and trafficking.

Illegal fishing and maritime terrorism costs the U.S government billions of dollars globally.

The Scouting Mission intends to achieve this using four ‘GomSpace’ manufactured nano-satellites for the next launch and further launches are planned for 2020.

Kleos have been well-prepared as the satellite launch was originally expected for August 2019. Launches however, can be complex and often experience delays.

“The team will use this time to expand the number of customer contracts secured, to continue to develop our data products, and rapidly progress the second generation of satellites,” Andy said.

Within just one year of listing on the ASX, Kleos built its first set of satellites with GomSpace. The company plans to develop more to aid the U.S government in combatting illegal maritime activity.

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