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  • KNeoMedia has completed its fourth sale under its ‘Connect all Kids’ education program
  • The sale is for 1000 seat licences for over three years to more NYC public schools
  • A total of 7500 seat licences now sold and $560,000 in revenue under the ‘Connect all Kids’ initiative

KNeoMedia confirms it has secured its fourth sale under its ‘Connect all Kids’ education program.

The ‘Connect all Kids’ education program provides disadvantaged kids with the learning resources they need. The education program so far, encompasses the National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP), Dell Technologies and KneoWorld.

The recent sale saw approximately 1000 more seat licences sold to public schools in New York City. This is under a three-year agreement (approximately 333 seats per year) with KNeoMedia’s share of the sale being A$75,000 paid upfront. The total value of the sale is approximately $250,000 to be divided between the NAACP, KneoWorld and Dell Technologies.

Approximately 7500 seat licences have now been sold in just two months under the ‘Connect all Kids’ program. These sales have yielded a combined total of approximately $560,000 in revenue.

“The steady build of sales from ‘Connect all Kids’ is most pleasing and we expect more to follow this month,” CEO James Kellett said.

KNeoMedia is a SaaS publishing company that delivers world-class education and assessment products to global markets in both special and general education classrooms. It does so through its KneoWorld portal.

The KneoWorld platform is a story-based and game assessment learning program providing engaging and effective ways for students to process and apply academic concepts.

The company is confident it’ll secure sales from other states in the U.S as well as in the U.K.

“We have also been promising sales from Florida and we are close to delivering here. Progress in the UK is also encouraging with further sales not far away,” James confirmed.

“Sales from Florida and the UK will introduce new revenue streams to KNM so we have more than one sales channel firing,” he said confidently.

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