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  • Aussie medical company, LBT Innovations, showed off impressive results from a clinical trial using its microbiology imaging technology at an annual conference in the U.S.
  • The ‘APAS Independence’ device was used in a urine analysis trial at Hennepin Medical Centre in Minneapolis, assessing 720 urine cultures at 13 seconds at a time, for a 100 per cent success rate
  • The American Society of Microbiology conference is held annually and houses industry experts, scientists and health professionals

LBT Innovations, showed off its analysis imaging technology at U.S. conference The American Society of Microbiology (ASM).

Performance data of LBT’s ‘APAS Independence’ analysis technology from trials at Minneapolis Hennepin Medical Centre was showcased by Dr Glen Hansen.

The company’s APAS technology is an analysis module for microbiology samples. The intelligent imaging software was first proven in confirming bacterial growth in over 10,000 patient urine samples.

The APAS technology was used in the analysis of 720 urine cultures at Hennepin in a routine clinical setting.

In the study, APAS was able to give analysis on the urine cultures within an impressive 13 seconds per sample. APAS detected all common pathogens expected in the study, giving a 100 per cent success rate.

This data meant for clinicians that total hands-on time for detecting micro pathogens was significantly cut down.

ASM meetings are the largest clinical microbiology and infectious diseases conferences in the U.S. The meeting is held annually, housing industry experts, scientists and health professionals.

“The results of the study demonstrate the speed and reliability of the APAS Independence to facilitate and hasten the decision making the process for the diagnosis for UTIs, which represent a large per cent of samples encountered in the microbiology laboratory,” said Dr Glen Hansen.

Glen added that the APAS system is a safe and effective device to use in laboratories.

“On the back of our recent FDA clearance it is very important to have U.S. clinical data presented by a highly credentialled U.S. clinician at the largest industry meeting in the U.S.,” said LBT CEO Brent Barnes.

“I’d like to thank Dr Hansen and his team for their support in conducting this evaluation with a view to implementing the APAS Independence as quickly as possible for routine clinical use,” concluded Brent.

This year’s annual ASM meeting started last week and ends tomorrow.

Share prices in LBT bumped a small 3.70 per cent this morning in the Aussie share market. Shares are trading for 14 cents in a market cap of $31.77 million.

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