Top Interior Colour Trends: According to Dulux’s 2020 Forecast

Colour says a lot about a person. It’s a window into a…

Top Interior Colour Trends: According to Dulux’s 2020 Forecast


November 21 2019 /

Colour says a lot about a person. It's a window into a very personal, particular style — be it grungy or laid back, sunny or soothing.

But like all things, colour changes with the seasons, giving you an excuse to reinvent the wheel and bring fresh design into your home.

And whether you're an old hand with interior decorating or a newbie just getting to grips, many turn to Dulux's colour forecast to stay on-trend with the latest palettes.

Aptly titled 'Essence,' the company's latest collection features four dynamic edits that bring influential colours to life.

Here are the trending colour palettes that'll help you ring in 2020 in style.

Stay grounded

Often, less is more when it comes to designing an interior. If you relate to this philosophy, you'll appreciate Dulux's grounded edit.

With muted shades that abandon clutter and put simplicity back in the spotlight, the grounded edit pays homage to clean whites, warm pastel pinks and honeyed browns.

Homely but chic, these future-forward pastels bring minimalism out of the dark ages. The subdued warmth and authentic feel is a welcome addition to any home.

Here are just some of the ways you can incorporate this soft colour scheme in your home:

  • Art is there to make a statement, and what better way to buck the bold trend than to use a painting that highlights simple colours? Make a pared-back, pastel piece of art the focal point of your living room and wow your guests.
  • A plush rug never goes astray, and a luxurious runner in eggshell or soft pink is a lively edition to a dark wooden floor.
  • Pare it back — the grounded collection has a soft spot for simplicity. Use similar hues and colour families, don't mix too many tones and treat colour as a wash rather than a statement feature.

Make a comeback

True, this style isn't for the faint of heart — but then again, neither are you.

The comeback kid is an adventurous curation of unexpected trendsetters. Expect to see an exciting mismatch of colourful choices — a clash between vintage and contemporary styles in the boldest, brightest way.

This eclectic colour palette is filled to the brim with tonal blues, earthy reddish-browns and bright pops of mustard and saffron. It invokes the playful nature of your childhood lego set with the pared-back grace of a muted vintage car.

But using colour — and so much of it — can be a daunting process. Here are some simple ways you can bring this summery palette to your favourite room:

  • Accessories like lamps and wall decals are a fuss-free way to trial a daring colour. You can mix and match combinations to your heart's content with the confidence that if something isn't working its an easy fix.
  • Use throw pillows and rugs to pull focus in your living room or bedroom, bringing a bright burst of sunshine to any dull corners.
  • Keep things simple by playing with tones — focussing on one colour family can give your space clarity while still allowing you to be adventurous. Using blue can create a calming aesthetic, while different yellows bring youth and liveliness to a simple set-up.

Create and cultivate

While lilac and millennial pink invaded our colour stories in 2019, it's green that's set to shake up the scene in the new year.

Dulux's cultivate edit is all about geography; bringing out the lush ferns and forests of the countryside to live amongst the modernity of big-city life.

While the grounded edit champions warmth, this collection is filled with cool tones which are gently layered for a soothing, invigorating feel. Shades of eucalypt, aubergine and pale lemon yellow bring the cultivate edit to life.

Into what we're putting down? Here are some simple ways to introduce the cultivate collection to your home:

  • What better way to champion green than with some thoughtfully picked plants? Succulents and ferns thrive in indoor environments, soaking up the sun and bringing life to an otherwise gloomy room.
  • If you're not sure where to add flashes of green, the kitchen is a great place to start. Well-placed vases or decorative kitchen tools in shades of green bring a lush feel to your abode.
  • Ready to go all out? Take the cultivate edit to the max by making a floor-length vertical garden. It's a feature statement that brings energy and life to any room.

Be indulgent

Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of luxury.

Perhaps the most opulent edit of Dulux's 'essence' collection, indulge teases out an element of sophistication in rusty browns and coppery reds.

This indulgent edit harks back to a West Aussie sunset with the classic feel of a vintage jazz bar. It works hard to create a home miles away from the daily grind with an environment that's anything but ordinary.

If you're interested in seeing how the indulgent edit features in your home, give these simple tricks a try.

  • To maintain that luxury feel, this edit requires a soft touch. Use textures like velvet and plush satin to elevate your space.
  • With this edit, less is more. Keep the colours simple and stylish by elevating a select few hues in an eye-catching corner.
  • Bring the opulent colours to life through your furniture — a deep red couch with cloud pink pillows or a soft brown ottoman in your bedroom can emphasise the luxurious elements.