Deciem: Clinical and Science-based Skincare Solutions

When the lead scientist of Deciem, Prudvi Mohan Kaka, goes on Instagram and…

Deciem: Clinical and Science-based Skincare Solutions
Photograph Courtesy Deciem The Abnormal Beauty Company


February 28 2020 /

When the lead scientist of Deciem, Prudvi Mohan Kaka, goes on Instagram and says that he has a degree in pharmaceutical sciences and an advanced degree in biotechnology and he is ready to answer any queries about Deciem products, you know that research and science are behind the brand, through and through.

Gone are the days when skincare is all about marketing - choosing the right Hollywood A-listers as endorsers, spending so much on packaging, and making sure that the product has commercials on TV and YouTube, not to mention print ads. Deciem changed the game, and it also brought down the price we pay for our skincare rituals. 

The company is founded on being abnormal and ordinary, but using science is making them extraordinary. Each skincare item is delivering a targeted result and utilizes one or two specific ingredients together - and this summarizes their clinical, science-based approach. Without the glamour of marketing and packaging, and the simple ingredients, each The Ordinary product isn't even worth more than $10, and this is the best part. And even the other brands under Deciem isn't as expensive as La Mer or Clarins. 

Glamour Magazine recently posted an article about the best 2020 Deciem products, so we thought we'd also share our top Deciem products for rejuvenation. 

NIOD, Voicemail Masque

An intriguing name, voicemail masque most likely got dubbed as such because of the science behind it. According to Deciem, your living cells communicate and this line of communication breaks down as you age. This results in facial dullness and a compromised tone. Which is why they came up with a nighttime leave-on mask that does the job of fighting the results of impaired communication lines on your face. The Niod night-mask is a solution targeting visible dullness and fatigue. Apply in the evening and wash away in the AM for clear results.

NIOD, Non-Acid Acid Precursor 15% 

A non-acid that does a better job than an acid, count us in. This non-acid acid precursor or NAAP gives you that visible radiance and surface regularity sans redness and inflammation associated with acids. A few drops before bedtime and you will see visible results and enhanced skin turnover.

Photo: Deciem

The Ordinary, Lactic Acid 10% + HA 

We all want to get rid of our dead skin cells and at the same time use a great exfoliant that rejuvenates the skin deeply. Say hello to your Ordinary lactic acid. It offers mild exfoliation and contains purified Tasmanian pepperberry to lessen any signs of inflammation and sensitivity. Apply a few drops of the water-like oil serum in the PM to help improve uneven tone, fine lines and textural irregularities.


Hylamide, Glow Booster 

You wouldn't need a facial every week or make-up to achieve that glowing, dewy skin we all covet. Just use this Glow Booster and everyone will be asking you who is your dermatologist. The ingredients will leave you tongue-tied but do know that it has keto-sugar, reactive glutathione, melanin peptides and radiance peptides. All of which work together to give you that radiance only after 2 to 3 days of usage! Can't think of a better investment. 

Photo: Deciem

The Chemistry Brand, Glow Oil

No time to go to a tanning salon but would love for your face to have that after-the-beach-vacation glow? This should do the trick, Glow Oil from The Chemistry Brand. You'll have your lasting glow just after 2 to 3 days of use, and it's fast-absorbing and dry, so there's no sticky feeling. 

Photo: Deciem

Deciem users all over the world are making themselves knowledgeable about acids, retinoids, oils, and putting together a regimen based on their needs (not being dictated by the company on what to use). You can combine the aforementioned products, or use just one - it's up to you. Make sure that you read, and read thoroughly all the contraindications and regimen guides. And if you're still not sure, worry not. Deciem will answer your queries.