Collectors Edition: Timeless Dinnerware

As the weather begins to heat up in the southern hemisphere, and…

Collectors Edition: Timeless Dinnerware


November 21 2019 /

As the weather begins to heat up in the southern hemisphere, and our blue marble tilt towards the summer solstice — crickets chirp and summer nights beckon for a cool drink and refreshing company.

You would be remiss not to capitalise on nights like these to invite friends and family over for summer dinner parties. While the elements of a great evening fall upon the company you choose to seat at the table, it also helps to woo your guests with exquisite dining, food, cuisine, and the proper tableware.

Mealtime — by Versace and Ralph Lauren

If your home is either a plush beachfront property, nestled on the pocket of a coastal seaside, or you own a sleepy get-away cabin in the woods nestled between greenery and nature's finest — a navy tone is more appropriate for your dining ware.

The Casey tableware range by Ralph Lauren (pictured above), is an obvious choice if you wish to decorate your kitchen or breakfast nook with neutral or earthy tones.

This stoneware even carries the spirit of the ocean with it, as it was crafted in coastal Portugal. The design was made through inspiration from the parasols dotted along the French Riviera.

The earthy tones and wash of white on every plate would easily complement a searing slab of pink supple pink salmon, or a forest green collage of salads and drizzled balsamic dressing.

Not bad for the first leg of the night.

If you still prefer to decorate your kitchen or eating space with something more busy in design, however, Versace never fails to deliver dazzling designs.

Options like these obviously pair well with choices of granite, marbles, or gold-trimmed finishes. A stronger choice for your dining space if you reside in a modern home or want to show off your newly refurbished kitchen to the neighbours.

Almost like dining on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Georg Jensen

Contemporary brand Georg Jensen deserves a special mention for its forward-thinking and futuristic designs alone. Chrome curvature and seamless cuts compliment cutlery, water jugs, ice cube holders, bowls, cocktail shakers, wine coolers, and more.

This collection is minimalism personified and helps to fill in the blanks for the missing utensils and miscellaneous kitchenware items you can't seem to pick up in your favourite store.

The designs look like they were dropped off from an outer world race, advancing through the cosmos 1000 years in the future from now. Out of kindness from their heart, they gifted these models to decorate your earthbound living space.

If you were ever enamoured by the set designs in films such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Back to the Future II, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and Ridley Scott's classic Alien, these are a must have.

Coffee and tea — by Vera Wang and Gucci

Coffee and cake, tea and scones, strawberries and cream, ice cream and syrup, chocolate liqueur and a nightcap. If these sound delectable, they go down even better combined with the right dining style.

Whether you have a sweet tooth for cakes, or you take your coffee without sugar — try combining these after dinner temptations with the appropriate tableware to really impress your guests and friends.

Personally, I'm a fan of Vera Wang's minimalistic approach that combines blanket white designs with tasteful and subtle trims of gold, wintery blues, autumn yellows, Jupiter pastels, and more — alongside small details of shapes with snake-and-ladder stylings.

They're stylish enough to whisper Vera Wang, but not too loud that they scream tacky.

Although, if you prefer something a little more busy or that makes a loud statement — the eyes of your guests would be fixated on Gucci's lush green stylings.

A few of these pieces can effortlessly turn your dining room or backyard into the Amazon Rainforest.

Nevermind if one of your dinner guests has photos to show from their last trip to South America, these Gucci teapots pop better than any slideshow or instagrammable snap ever could.

Second temptations

For those who think of something else when they hear 'treat' — who prefer smoke filled rooms and don't mind if they have to wait in the cold to indulge in a cigarette.

For some people, a designer ashtray may seem like something made up. But they're very real, and gorgeous.

These Versace pieces are absolutely stunning and are obviously made with the utmost care and precise handling.

My favourite piece from this collection is the gorilla design. It's also available in a myriad of other luxury animals; including the lion, the shark, and the eagle.

If you would prefer more classic Versace iconography, this medusa print is a beautiful option. Unmistakable Versace flair.