Show Her You Love Her This Valentines Day

With the celebration of love on the approach, now is the ideal…

Show Her You Love Her This Valentines Day


January 30 2020 /

With the celebration of love on the approach, now is the ideal time to grab something small for your chosen one. We have you covered this year with our gift giving guide.

1). Say I Love You with Valentino

Nothing says I love you, the way a red, cross body Valentino bag does. This colourful number is the perfect bag for any occasion. Dress up a casual white tee and jeans with this bright cross over, or revive a classic, evening black dress, with a pop of colour.

Photo: David Jones, Valentino

2). Say I Love You with Magic & Imagination

Nothing says I love you, quite like an essence oil. This is the latest from Gucci's Alchemist’s Garden Collection. A perfect scent for both the summer and winter months with powdery, floral and green notes composed in the one.

“The oils and acque profumate create individual statements. Personalise your beloved scent with an oil or floral water to build a unique sillage. Each oil or floral water of the collection can be layered with each eau de parfum. Just play with the scent to find your favourite, as an alchemist would work to find the gold formula,” Alberto Morillas.

Photo: Gucci

3). Say I Love You with Sisley

This eye and lip duo kit is the perfect solution for a youthful and radiant complexion. Along with lip and eye cream, this package comes with a Ridoki massage tool - helping refine the skin's appearance, diminish dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines.

Photo: David Jones, Sisley

4). Say I Love You with Edible Beauty

Burdock and Cleavers assist in purifying and detoxifying, Licorice and Red Clover may assist in supporting the body's natural hormone balance, and Nettle acts as a nourisher, providing minerals to support the skin's hydration.
Caffeine-free. This is the perfect way for your loved one to sit back and unwind the day away.

Photo: David Jones

5). Say I Love You with Chanel

The Premier Rock Watch is the latest edition to Chanel's, fine jewellery collection. The steel chain bracelet, interwoven with pink leather ribbon, is the perfect detailing, paired with a mother-of-pearl face. Simple, yet perfect for any occasion or time.

Photo: Chanel, Australia

6). Say I Love You with Sweet Love

Say I love with, with a special delivery of sweet, chocolate coated strawberries. Flowers and chocolates never go out of style, and are the perfect gift year in, year out. The Lunch Bunch have a variety of edible bouquets tailored to your taste.  Strawberries dipped in delicious Belgium Chocolate, or maybe vegan dark chocolate - whatever your preferred choice, they have you covered.

Photo: Lunch Bunch

7). Say I Love You with Pearls

Show her you care with this Kailis, 12mm drop-shaped Australian South Sea pearls, the Sugarloaf by Night Stud Earrings. The inspiration behind the design is a mystic romance between the night sky and the raging, dark waves which encompass Sugarloaf by Night. The pair are covered in 0.24 carats off diamonds designed with 18 carats white gold. A perfect gift for a special someone.

Photo: Kailis, Australia

8). Say I Love You with Silk

Gift her the ultimate rest and peace she deserves with this Mulberry silk pillowcase. This incredibly soft and silky pillowcase is the optimum sleeping comfort, protecting skin and hair from tangling, frizzing and breaking.

Photo: David Jones, Australia

9). Say I Love You with Colour

Spoil her with this Limited-Edition, Tom Ford Lipstick collection, named after men and women Tom Ford is inspired by. A total of 25 clutch-sized Boys in Lip Color Cream, Matte, Metallic and new Soft Matte and 25 clutch-sized Girls in Lip Color Sheer, Ultra-Rich Lip Color and new Soft Shine. Something she will use everyday.

Photo: Tom Ford, Australia

10). Say I Love You with Style

Let her walk with confidence with this barley there, tan sandal from Aje. This Acacia Strap Sandal is a 6.5cm heel with a stacked genuine-leather sole and hand-painted gloss heel. This shoe is the perfect shoe for any occasion.

Photo: David Jones, Australia