Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice – Luxury Gifts for Her

Indecisive and extremely choosy – these are just a few words to…

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice – Luxury Gifts for Her


December 2 2019 / Beauty Contributor

Indecisive and extremely choosy - these are just a few words to describe your mom, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife, or just any other woman in your life. They are always changing their minds. But one thing is for sure, what women want for the holidays will always be the same - something that they've been hinting at all year-round.

Chanel No 5 ($245)

Photo: Myer

It's a classic. And a must-have for any woman. If she already has the perfume then she doesn't mind the top-up. And if by any chance she will mind the top-up, then get her the bath combination.

La Mer Replenishing Moisture Collection ($245)

Photo: La Mer

Who would not want to look fab during the holidays? With a La Mer skincare regimen, your girl is sure to light the sky on fire.

Paco Rabanne Pink Iconic 1969 Mini Bag ($608)
It's sparkly and pink, it will go well for all those holidays and post-holiday parties that she would be attending. It's small enough to not bother her but big enough to carry her essentials.

Chloe Darcey Baroque-Pearl Earrings ($419)

Photo: Chloe

Everything seemed to be a mismatch these days, but if your gold Chloe earrings don't mind it, then nobody else would. Maybe it's because of the freshwater baroque pearls dangling from it?

Concord 20L Cooluli Mini Fridge ($149.99)

Phot: Concord

She doesn't have to store food, but she can put in her serums and other beauty products that require refrigeration. Plus, it does look really good on her vanity. There's also a smaller version if she feels like this is too much.

The Smart Garden 9 ($265)

Photo: Click & Grow

For all the green thumbs out there who might not have enough time to grow their garden or because the weather is inconsistent, we might have a solution. Automatically waters and adjusts everything that your plant needs. It's like a self-sufficient child.

Glamcor Riki Skinny Mirror ($195)

Photo: Glamcor

Voted as Oprah's favourite thing for 2019, this isn't your ordinary mirror. It's essential for makeup enthusiasts and especially if she loves taking selfies.

Jimmy Diamond Sneaker ($822.50)

Photo: Jimmy Choo

Whether or not she loves to work out or go out for a run, she will want to do it more now that you've given her the coveted Jimmy Choo sneakers.