How To Turn Your Home Office Into A Productive Space

Having a home office is not so new. Many homes have always…

How To Turn Your Home Office Into A Productive Space
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July 28 2020 /

Having a home office is not so new. Many homes have always had a separate spare room or study or even a spot on the kitchen counter to sort out bills and make household payments.

However, more people than ever now run their own small business and choose to work from home. So if you work from home, a dedicated home office is imperative. This is ideally a space that you can call your own – either a separate room or a well-organized alcove.

Your home office space must be functional as well as comfortable because you will likely spend plenty of time working there. The temptation to procastinate while working from home is high. Yet by carefully considering home office design, you can fight off those temptations to ensure a productive day.

Add character

You aren’t going to be inspired by your office space if it does not resonate with you and the things you like. Only you know what is going to inspire you. Try incorporating items that will remind you of the other essential aspects of your life, like family and hobbies. A unique photo wall made up of snaps from memorable trips, or a moving object will add interest and offer motivation for those distracted moments.

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Good lighting is key

It’s nigh on impossible to stay alert during a task if you’re sitting in the dark. Exceedingly bright lighting would cause uneasiness, while far too dim light causes strain upon your eyes. Make sure your lighting scheme suits your needs to perfection. An office essential, the addition of a well-designed desktop lamp, will offer stylish task lighting with many adjustable to accommodate changing daylight.

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Invest in quality pieces

The importance of having the right furniture for your home office cannot be stressed upon enough. An executive set of chairs and a luxurious desk can bring forth an impact unlike any other. Textiles such as velvet, sheepskin, faux fur, woollen or hide rugs, and silk cushions will always add a luxury vide to interiors.

Dark hues such as mahogany, black, grey, and brown provide a more certified appearance, while the furniture itself could inspire you to discuss more with your clients, work, and create.

Lighter shades or different colours could also be used very well, as long as your home office remains coordinated, bold, and pleasing to everyone who comes inside. Exercise your freedom when it comes to décor, but make sure you’ll pick the right furniture pieces if you want to create the proper business atmosphere.

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Invest in Art

A notable example of enticing wall décor would inevitably involve custom canvas prints. Artworks can transform any office into a creative workspace, and having some custom prints with your favourite works of art or some scenic images, could give your home office a more personalised appearance.

You can order them in any design you could think of, and since they’re available in a wide range of textures, you can have various options to bring your ideal design to life. An attractive décor will always inform clients that you care about maintaining a professional work environment, and in turn, it will reflect on your dedication to work as well.

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Use your space efficiently

Most home offices aren’t blessed with vast amounts of square footage, which is why it is vital to use space efficiently. Organise horizontally and vertically to make the most of the space you have available. Use vertical file folders on your desk to keep relevant documents within arm’s reach. For those documents you don’t need access to all of the time, hang floating shelves on the wall.


For luxury design in general, the devil is in the details. The right lamp, bookcase, or piece of artwork can make a world of difference. A mixture of textures makes your workspace a more exciting place to be, whether it’s the smooth simplicity of glass or stately wood panelling, fascinating upholstery or a thick throw rug.

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Clutter is at its most distracting in the home office area, and you will want to make sure that the space is as tidy as possible, with all vital paperwork easily accessible. Choose home office storage, such as shelving and smaller home office storage accessories that are functional and stylish and will encourage you to keep everything where it should be.

You may also need to make room for office accessories such as printers, scanners, and document shredders. Think about whether you want these neatly packed away, or within easy reach on a worktop.