Turning Eco and Ethical: A Design Lover’s Guide to Paris

The City of Lights is not only embracing the next generation’s growing…

Turning Eco and Ethical: A Design Lover’s Guide to Paris
Musee du Quai Branly, Paris


November 28 2019 /

The City of Lights is not only embracing the next generation's growing fondness for up-cycling, eco-friendly everything, urban gardening, digital art, and vintage pieces, they put it front-and-centre for this year's Paris Design Week.

Paris is known for its extravagant over the top architecture and ultra-fine dining, enticing you into each and every crevice, whether it’s the facade of the Louvre or a quaint corner shop, Merci - Paris never disappoints.

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But aside from your staple source of design inspiration, like the Instagram famous staircase of Musée Gustave Moreau, the whimsical Paris Bird Market, or the endless decorative items at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs - Paris is currently reinventing itself, offering design lovers something more 'current.'

Forty venues have been enlisted to show art installations by the Nemo Biennial, tackling the question, "Are the human species doomed to disappear: the late human species?" all throughout Île-de-France. It's futuristic design and robotic artworks will definitely make you question our path towards the digital era. It could give you chills, and if it does, they are that good.

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Celebrated French architect and designer, Charlotte Perriand, has her designs displayed at the Fondation Louis Vuitton. She was known to create with much consideration to the roles of women and nature in the society, imagine as early as the 1920s! If she was still alive this year, she would definitely be waging a war with the feminists by her side.

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Don't worry, Paris has not turned it's back for the vintage lovers, and has transformed it into ethical upcycling. Shiri Slavin's super vintage store in the 10th arrondissement showcases retro and vintage pieces. It's not only what's on the rack that you need to keep an eye on, but also the store's kitschy yet amazingly gorgeous design. Selency, the famous online flea market, can now be found offline - at the BHV. Imagine sorting through their vast selection of vintage goods, not to mention the flea market pricing.

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Paris is beginning to turn single-purpose places into an all-purpose venue, starting with the likes of Deskopolitan, Maif Social Club, La Recyclerie, and Jours à venir. Deskopolitan is like an urban university, a boutique hotel that offers a co-working space, gym, speakeasy, barbershop, cafe, rooftop vegetable garden and so much more. Maif Social Club, as the word social emphasizes, is a co-working space, cafe, and every now and then, becomes an exhibition/workshop/debate centre, focusing on how we can be more self-sustainable.

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La Recyclerie's name is a giveaway - it's a garden to table restaurant that offers you the chance to fix (or even create) something at their workshop, or do some urban gardening. Jours à venir is your one-stop-DIY shop. It's an eco-friendly boutique that sells organic and recycled brand products, with an onsite workshop.

We shouldn't be surprised to find Paris leaning their designs, restaurants, and exhibitions toward this venture. After all, President Emmanuel Macron is leading the world into climate activism.