MedAdvisor announces agreement with Klinify Malaysia to access two million new patients
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  • MedAdvisor and Zuellig Pharma’s Singapore based joint venture, ZP MedAdvisor have signed a licence and services agreement with Klinify
  • Klinify operates a software used by most Malaysian doctors for managing patient records and clinical practice
  • ZP MedAdvisor will operate digital compliance programs generated in the partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers for over 900 Malaysian doctors
  • The agreement leverages MedAdvisor’s global Digital Adherence Programs module that is also being implemented in the U.S. and the Philippines
  • Plans are in place for the platform to be rolled out in the U.K. and other Asian markets in 2020

MedAdvisor and Zuellig Pharma's Singapore-based joint venture ZP MedAdvisor, have signed a licence and service agreement with Klinify.

Klinify is the developer and operator of the cloud-based Klinify software for doctors and is the leading provider in Malaysia with 10 per cent of Malaysian-based doctors using the software. Klinify's success led to it being obtained by Zuellig Pharma in June this year.

Through the partnership, Klinify will integrate MedAdvisor's global digital adherence programs module within its software. It will do so via standard application programming interfaces (APIs).

"We are delighted to see our investment and patience starting to bear fruit with key market-making deals like this one with Klinify in Malaysia," MedAdvisor CEO and Chairman of ZP MedAdvisor Robert Read said.

MedAdvisor's technology provides patients with an easy-to-use and accessible tool to take their medication safely, effectively and on-time.

"The agreement with Klinify opens up 2 million potential customers for Digital Adherence Programs and allows us to generate revenue from Pharma quickly," Robert continued.

Over 900 Malaysian doctors use the Klinify technology which includes free data transfer, dedicated customer support, and other features which helps clinics better manage patient records and clinical practice.

The partnership is a win-win for both companies, with Klinify promoting the offering to its doctors while ZP MedAdvisor will engage with pharmaceutical manufacturers to source and curate the digital adherence programs.

"The MedAdvisor platform has the potential to help our Doctors engage their patients at scale in taking their medications safely and effectively, with a high degree of automation and customisation," Klinify CEO Krishanthan Surendran said.

Klinify also believes MedAdvisor's impressive track record in delivering improved health literacy will be a benefit to the partnership.

The agreement leverages MedAdvisor's global digital adherence programs module that is also being implemented in the U.S. and the Philippines. The company plans for the platform to be rolled out in the U.K. and other Asian markets in 2020.

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