MedAdvisor announces its first UK customer
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  • MedAdvisor has secured its first UK customer after signing the Day Lewis Pharmacy Group
  • Day Lewis will promote and distribute a Day Lewis branded version of MedAdvisor's app
  • Rollout of the MedAdvisor platform will take place during the first quarter of CY 2020

MedAdvisor has announced it will launch in the UK market in early 2020. This comes after it secured its first UK pharmacy chain customer, Day Lewis Pharmacy Group.

Day Lewis is one of the largest independent retail pharmacy chains in the UK owning over 270 pharmacies and servicing 1 million customers.

Under this agreement Day Lewis has agreed to promote and distribute its own branded version of the next-generation MedAdvisor consumer app to its customers.

MedAdvisor has multiple platforms that enable an easier and quicker way for users to fill their scripts or see a doctor.

Fill-My-Scripts automatically reminds patients when to refill their recurring scripts and chases them up if they forget. A message will be sent providing information if the medication is running low.

The automated message will only send if the script hasn't been filled out five days before the medication runs out. If the scripts are up to date MedAdvisor will remind on the day and again when the patient has been without medication for three days.

With Tap-To-Refill patients can order prescriptions online so they are ready to collect at a pharmacy without any waiting times. Repeat prescriptions can be preordered and dispensed at a local pharmacy for pickup.

Take-My-Meds reminds patients when to take specific medications each day and at the appropriate time. This feature alerts their phone every time medication is due to be taken and the notifications include details of exactly which medications are due at which time.

Following the rollout of MedAdvisor's national health service (NHS) connected platform, which is planned for the first quarter of CY 2020, Day Lewis pharmacists will be able to receive GP-approved prescriptions for customers to reduced wait times and smooth workflow.

"Our customers want convenience, choice and information underpinning quality use of medicines," Sam Patel Executive Director of Day Lewis said.

"By working with MedAdvisor and supporting its rollout in the UK, we can better deliver our company's core purpose - to help people in the community stay healthy and feel better."

Day Lewis customers who download the app will be able to enjoy the benefits of easy access to medication history and the ability to request script renewals from their own GPs.

MedAdvisor will be charging a monthly recurring licence fee as well as SMS messaging fees for each participating pharmacy.

Most importantly, MedAdvisor's planned integrations with the NHS and other third parties will enable it to support similar implementations at other UK pharmacy chains.

This news follows MedAdvisor's announcement in May 2019 of its agreement with MedExpress in the Philippines.


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