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  • Medibio has signed a fourth commercial agreement with Compass Group for its corporate health product, ilumen
  • Up to 150 Compass employees in its Defence Division in the United Kingdom will take part in a four-week ilumen well-being pilot commencing in November
  • ilumen will provide participants with access to a mobile and web application for early screening of mental health symptoms

Medibio has signed a fourth commercial agreement with Compass Group for its corporate health product, ilumen.

This particular contract will see up to 150 Compass employees in its United Kingdom Defence Division take part in a four-week ilumen pilot commencing in November 2019.

Medibio is a health technology company which uses tools to aid in the early detection and screening of mental health conditions.

Its ilumen program provides data-driven feedback to help employees take an active role in their own mental well-being. When employees are given the right tools and make the effort to take the appropriate measures towards their mental well-being, they perform better in the workplace.

Compass Group is a British multi-national, world-leading food service company with annual revenues of £23.2 billion. It operates in approximately 45 countries and provides services to a variety of sectors.

As part of its global “Purpose” strategy, Compass Group implements various programs to support the mental and physical well-being of its workforce. ilumen fits into Compass’ strategy by providing its employees with early screening for symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress.

This contract marks the fourth contract between the companies since July 1 2019.

“The signing of this fourth pilot agreement demonstrates the importance of this initiative to Compass Group,” Medibio Corporate Health Senior Vice President Jennifer Solitario said.

The first contract saw the introduction of ilumen to Compass’ central U.K employees, while the second contract focused on employees in the U.K offshore and remote division. The third contract, announced on July 30, was for up to 300 Australian Compass Group employees to take part in the program.

The ilumen assessment doesn’t just check for symptoms — it provides users with a “well-being snapshot” they can use to monitor and make ongoing improvements. This overall data then helps Compass to better support and manage its workers.

“We are pleased to partner with Compass in this continuing relationship and support them in their effort to improve the mental well-being of their workforce,” Jennifer concluded.

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