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  • Medical Developments International’s (MVP) Penthrox drug has been approved for sale in the Netherlands, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • The approval means Penthrox can be used on adults seeking emergency relief of moderate to severe pain
  • Penthrox has been used in Australia for over 40 years but has since been seeking international commercial sales
  • The Netherlands approval also includes Greece, Malta and Hungary
  • Before sales can commence in these three countries, however, MVP will need to complete the National Phase of approval
  • Government reimbursement hasn’t yet been achieved but patients can still purchase Penthrox – just at their own expense
  • Company shares are up 9.18 per cent and are trading for $7.73 each

Medical Developments International (MVP) has announced its Penthrox drug has been approved for sale in the Netherlands, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The authorisation was issued by the Medicines Evaluation Board of the Netherlands and the Agency for Medicinal Products and Medical Devices of Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Specifically, the approval means Penthrox can be used for the emergency relief of moderate to severe pain in adults who experience trauma and associated pain.

Penthrox has been used for over 40 years in Australia with over five million units sold. The drug is self-administered by adults who are seeking relief from trauma and pain.

Just recently, the medical company received approval for Penthrox in Thailand.

The approval in the Netherlands is part of a set of four countries, including Greece, Hungary, and Malta.

Both the European Decentralised Procedure and the National phase is complete in The Netherlands. While Penthrox has not achieved government reimbursement yet, sales can immediately be made to the private market.

Whilst the European Decentralised Procedure is complete for Greece, Malta and Hungary, Medical Developments still needs to complete the National Phase before sales can commence. The approvals are expected sometime this year.

After the National Phase is complete, the company can apply for government reimbursement for the cost of Penthrox. This means Penthrox will be free for patients to purchase. Until then, patients can purchase the product, but at their own expense.

Company shares are up 9.18 per cent and are trading for $7.73 each at 12:46 pm AEST.

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