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  • Mediland Pharm has announced its launching its own branded health and well-being products in the next few weeks
  • The various products will aid in healthy skin and nails, liver health, testosterone levels, intake of vitamins and various cold and flu symptoms
  • The products will be sold through Mediland’s Auckland store and through Ian’s Health Lounge’s online-platform
  • Mediland acquired Ian’s Health Lounge to gain access to its E-commerce platforms to expand distribution and sales

Mediland Pharm has announced its launching its own branded health and well-being products in the next few weeks. The company’s new line includes the Mediland Pharm Limited and Le Marine brands.

Mediland is a leading retailer of cosmetics, jewellery, health, well-being and wool products. It mainly services the Chinese tourism market in Australia and New Zealand. Currently, the company operates three retail stores located across eastern Australia, and one in Auckland.

Mediland partners with leading travel agents and wholesale tour operators to provide Chinese tourists with a one-stop shopping and tourism experience. This allows the company to capitalise on the increasing numbers of Chinese tourists coming to Australia.

After only being listed on the ASX in February 2019 Mediland has, in a short time, made a presence for itself with a recent acquisition and the soon-to-be launch of its products.

In April 2019, Mediland announced its intention to acquire Ian’s Health Lounge which is a complimentary business with established E-commerce platforms and retail franchise stores in China.

Ian’s Health Lounge has grown since 2012 to incorporate one direct shop in Australia, six franchise shops in China, three WeChat accounts and four E-commerce platforms.

Mediland has completed the first stage of the acquisition which will expand the distribution and sales of its products through an online platform.

The company intends to launch five new products under its brand name by the end of the month.

These include Detox Premium for liver health, PlacentaVigor for healthy skin and nails, Kangaroo Energiser for male physiology and testosterone, Colostrum tablets with zinc and iodine and Super Black Propolis for various colds, congestions, infections and allergies.

Chairman Dr Peter French stated the timing of the launch coincides well with recent initiatives.

“The timing for the launch of our own branded products matches well with our recent initiatives. The first stage of the Ian’s Health Lounge transaction is now complete, and the third and final stage is anticipated to be completed by end of October, and it will provide the ideal vehicle through which to launch our first own branded products,” he said.

The soon-to-launch products will also be sold through Mediland’s Auckland store, which along with the acquisition, was funded through an IPO.

The products will be manufactured in Australia and New Zealand and will promote health and well-being for customers.

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