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  • Medlab has signed a Heads of Agreement with American Nutritional Corp for US market entry
  • Medlab will supply some of its existing nutraceuticals to US pharmacies
  • It is estimated the first US launch will be in or around December 2019

Australian medical services company Medlab, has signed a Heads of Agreement with American Nutritional Corp (ANC) for a U.S market entry using Medlab’s existing nutraceuticals.

ANC is a U.S entity with approved manufacturing capabilities for several extremely large and institutional U.S brands.

Several of Medlab’s current and unique nutraceuticals are a good fit for ANC clients and this deal should see Medlab’s products enter both the medical and consumer markets.

Some of the key nutraceutical products that are of interest in this deal include the heavily researched NanoCelle, delivery platform NRGBiotic and QUT and MultiBiotic which are currently being used in ongoing depression trials.

It is important to note that these products are currently available in Australian pharmacies such as Terry White and Priceline.

Its NanoCelle products help in the management and production of the B12 vitamins in the human body. It also has a NanoCelle D3 + K2 which sustains mineral homeostasis (state of steady internal conditions) and optimises immune function, bone metabolism and cardiovascular health.

NRGBiotic is a probiotic formula combined with magnesium orotate to support healthy cellular energy production. The probiotic may also help support a healthy gut and immune system.

The final product, MultiBiotic, is formulated to target both the small and large bowel for gastrointestinal microbial balance. It may also assist in maintaining optimal gastrointestinal care and immune function.

The commercial terms and specific distribution partners are to be finalised through the execution of a definitive commercial agreement. It is estimated the first U.S launch will occur in, or around, December 2019.

Medlab CEO Dr Sean Hall is pleased that an agreement was reached with the U.S.

“Having access to clients of this calibre and being able to tap into their supply chains is very exciting and a great opportunity to enter into the US nutraceutical market,” he said.

As well as supplying to the USA, Medlab is planning to determine other potential international territories as a number of these institutional companies market internationally or are planning international expansion in the short-term.

There is also an opportunity to expand the relationship with ANC and capitalise on its manufacturing capabilities.

Currently, the companies are working on both the definitive agreement and market launch.

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