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  • Medlab (MDC) has reported some strong results from the early days of its NanaBis study
  • NanaBis is a cannabis-based pain treatment drug applied by spraying it on a patient’s cheek
  • The study has been soft-launched to refine the data collection process and will officially launch in January
  • Medlab can use the study as a stepping stone for further regulatory approval and drug registration
  • Medlab saw a slight share price rise today, closing almost three per cent up and selling shares for 38 cents each

Medlab has soft-launched an observational study for its NanaBis cannabis-based pain treatment drug.

While 2000 patients are set to take part in the full study — making it one of the largest cannabis studies in the country — Medlab has signed on over 100 doctors and 200 patients since announcing the study in June.

Essentially, the study will see Medlab monitor patients prescribed with NanaBis. Patients will report monthly to doctors regarding the safety, tolerability, and effectiveness of NanaBis for either cancer-related or non-cancer-related pain.

The soft-launch is designed to refine the data-collection process for the study, which will officially launch in January 2020. Still, Medlab has managed to bring in some strong results from the study’s early days.

A low dose of two NanaBis sprays per day has so far been applied to patients. According to Medlab, all patients currently undertaking the study — half of which have been diagnosed with neuropathic pain — have reported pain reduction.

While the observational study holds no regulatory weight on its own, this type of study is recommended by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to provide important supporting data when seeking regulatory approvals.

For Medlab, this means the observational study is a stepping stone of sorts to bolster its chances of official drug registration in line with other clinical trials and ongoing studies.

Medlab CEO Dr Sean Hall said the company has high hopes for the study and what NanaBis means for prescribed patients.

“This observational study is critical in understanding real-world use, dosing in relation to other prescribed medications and any potential effects to the patient,” Dr Sean said.

NanaBis contains equal amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), the component of cannabis generally associated with medicinal use, and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive chemical of the plant.

NanaBis is applied for pain reduction through a spray generally applied to a patient’s cheek.

Medlab saw a slight share price rise today, closing 2.74 per cent up and selling shares for 38 cents each.

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