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  • MSM Corporation International has engaged YDigital Media to enhance its Megastar platform and launch Megastar: Cricket, particularly for the Indian market
  • YDigital Media has worked with global brands such as Burger King, McDonalds, Nivea, Samsung, LG, Jaguar, Nestle and Uber
  • Megastar is a global, mobile-first talent competition and the winners are voted for through the app
  • In July 2019, MSM and Riva signed an agreement to improve and expand Megastar’s features and services – YDigital Media will provide its expertise

MSM Corporation International has engaged YDigital Media to enhance its Megastar platform and launch Megastar: Cricket.

YDigital Media is a technology company with innovative digital marketing solutions. It has a list of well-known clients such as Burger King, McDonalds, Nivea, Samsung, LG, Jaguar, Nestle, Uber and more.

Under the agreement, YDigital Media will deliver its digital expertise to relaunch the entertainment app.

“We are very excited to participate in the relaunch of the Megastar app and contribute with our strong mobile entertainment expertise and digital advertising capabilities to the development of one of the most innovative projects in entertainment,” YDigital Media CEO Nuni Machado said.

Megastar is a global, mobile-first talent competition, featuring performers with various talents. These performers compete to win US$1 million, a role in a film and various other prizes. Winners are chosen by fans who vote through the Megastar App.

Megastar is available on Google Play and the Itunes App Store in Australia, U.S., Canada, U.K., New Zealand and South Africa. MSM however, is trying to expand its reach.

In July 2019, MSM signed a Heads of Agreement with Riva Technology and Entertainment to expand the app’s features by adding Mobile Gaming and eSports, particularly cricket. The US$2 million agreement is targeting the Indian marketplace.

YDigital Media is being engaged to maximise the app’s capabilities and develop an optimised platform for the Indian market.

YDigital Media has extensive experience with developing strong technologies. It also has strong operational reach in Europe and South America which MSM plan to explore in the future.

MSM will receive US$100,000 this month from Riva, to commence the development of the new Megastar cricket platform.

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