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  • Through a joint venture agreement, body scanning tech company MyFiziq will be gunning for business in Singapore
  • The company has teamed up with the island state’s premier digital medicine platform, MyDoc
  • MyFiziq’s body scanning technology will be integrated into MyDoc’s insurance and health policies through the practice of “telemedicine” — connecting patients to doctors over the web
  • Shareholders in Myfiziq are seeing green today. The company’s shares have rocketed 13.6 per cent to trade for 25 cents apiece

Body scanning-tech company MyFiziq continues an expansion sprint this week, announcing today it’s aiming for business in Singapore.

Through its half-owned joint venture company Body Composition Technologies (BCT), MyFiziq has executed an agreement for business with telemedicine company MyDoc.

MyDoc is a Singaporean digital platform that connects patients with health professionals and doctors. The platform was established in 2012 and boasts health professional and insurers over 200 companies.

currently holds over 200 employees including health professionals and insurers.

“We are very excited to be partnering with MyDoc,” MyFiziq CEO Vlado Bosanac said.

“The company is well-established and respected telemedicine [service] for interacting with doctors online.”

However, MyDoc isn’t alone in the digital world of medicine — known as “telemedicine” or “telehealth”. The online practice connecting patients with professionals is especially helpful for those in rural areas or facing physical difficulties leaving the house.

Part of MyFiziq’s interest in the deal through joint venture company BCT is for the opportunity in combatting chronic diseases across Singapore.

“BCT has spent the last 2 years collecting medical data to enable key markers of the increased risk of chronic disease to be identified using its application,” Vlado continued.

“Our technology has successfully demonstrated the ability to not only identify but segment participants into risk categories.”

MyDoc Co-Founder Dr Vas Metupalle echoed Vlado’s interest in treating chronic diseases in a media release today.

“At MyDoc we focus strongly on preventative care, and a big part of that is managing the risks of chronic diseases,” he said.

“We wanted to improve the risk assessment for chronic diseases, to ensure our patients get an accurate diagnosis and are cared for at the soonest juncture. It is important for us to partner with companies and services that drive towards our goal of bringing outcome-driven, value-based healthcare in Asia.”

Shares in MyFiziq shares have rocketed 13.6 per cent today to trade for 25 cents apiece.

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