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  • Nanollose has signed a cooperation agreement with Codi Group to consumer wipe products using Nanollose’s tree-free nonwoven fibre
  • Nanollose sent Codi a trail batch of its tree-free nonwoven fibre earlier this year and has great success
  • The companies now intend to create the first biodegradable wipes

Nanollose gained up to 40 per cent today after it has signed a cooperation agreement with Codi Group to consumer wipe products using Nanollose’s tree-free nonwoven fibre.

According to a study made by Water UK, wet wipes make up 93 per cent of the material causing sewer blockages in the UK.

Some wipes are labelled as flushable, which wet wipes don’t disintegrate like toilet paper. Wipes contain plastic, so once they reach the sea, they last for a long time affecting marine life.

Codi produces more than 7 billion wipes around 150 million consumer packages per year around 40 countries.

Nanollose is an Australian company that uses low cost and eco- friendly fermentation process. The process grows fibres that could become an alternative to plant-derived cellulose fibres.

Cellulose is a hidden polymer that is a huge part of our everyday life such as clothing, paper and hygiene products.

The polymer is obtained in tree-based sources such as cotton, flax and timber. These sources require a lot of agricultural lands and put stress on the environment.

Nanollose has developed a world first process that microbial cellulose from industrial organic and agricultural waste, which is then transformed into rayon fibres with minimal environmental impact.

The Codi Group has more than 60 years of experience in the world of wet wipes and has the vision to develop consumer wipes that are more sustainable and less dependent on raw materials based on oil.

Nanollose sent Codi a trail batch of its tree-free nonwoven fibre earlier this year. Codi successfully converted the fibre into a nonwoven fabric and got positive feedback.

Once the fibre has undergone further testing and can achieve the commercial viability in the market, the companies will look to form a long-term business relationship.

Nanollose will also grant a licence to Codi to use the Company’s trademarked Tree-Free branding where and when its required.

Currently, the term of the agreement is three years with either party being able to terminate without penalty by giving six months written notice.

This cooperation agreement forms the next step of the companies working together to create the world first sustainable material that is 100 per cent biodegradable.

Codi CEO Fridjov Broersen is excited to work with Nanollose.

“This cooperation agreement with our partner Nanollose is at the heart of our Codi Group strategy to drive real sustainability into our products. In close cooperation with our customers we are delighted to be able to lead our markets into new opportunities,” he said.

Consumer wipes include baby wipes, personal care wipes, household and homecare wipes.

The Future of Global Wipes report showing that in 2018 the consumer wipes market was valued at around US$13.2 billion and predicted to grow to US$17.3 billion by 2023.

Nanollose Chairman Wayne Best is pleased with the agreement.

“We are delighted to be working with one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of wipes. Codi’s commitment to innovation, sustainability and the environment make it the ideal partner for Nanollose in the wipes market,” he said.

Due to wipe products being one of the most used disposal products in the world, Nanollose is well positioned to take advantage of the growing necessity from major manufactures seeking alternative sustainable materials.

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