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  • Nanollose’s tree-free viscose fibre has been successfully converted into a non-woven fabric
  • In 2017 the non-woven market was at US$44.37 billion and is expected to reach US$98.78 billion by 2026

Nanollose announced its tree-free viscose fibre has been successfully converted into a non-woven fabric. It is believed that this is another world first sustainable material created by Nanollose.

In December 2018 Nanollose produced a sweater made with 3D technology.

This development is a significant milestone and marks the latest breakthrough in Nanollose’s extensive research and development program which is aimed at creating high performing and eco-friendly products.

The fabric was produced on a pilot scale using the standard industrial equipment and processes that are currently used by big-scale manufacturers.

Unlike traditional ways to produce rayon, that is taken from wood pulp, Nanollose’s rayon is derived from microbes that convert waste products into microbial cellulose.

This process takes less than one month and requires very little water, land and energy than other processes.

The non-woven textile market can be separated into two categories. The first is disposable and they are used for a relatively short timeframe or are single use and includes products such as gloves, wipes and surgical gowns.

The other category is durable and these usually have extended use cycles or can be used multiple times. Products include mattress fabrics, road underlay and carpeting in the car.

In 2017 the non-woven market bought in US$44.37 billion and by 2026 is expected to reach US$98.78 billion.

However, as the market continues to grow the industry will continue to use oil-based fibres such as polypropylene, polyester and nylon which have increasing environmental concerns surrounding the production.

Nanollose Executive Chairman Dr Wayne Best is happy with the support they have received and is looking forward to using the process to produce more products.

“We are delighted with the positive feedback on the non-woven fabric produced from our tree-free fibre. We are now progressing the development and uptake of our fibre technologies into both the fashion and non-woven markets,” he said.

Nanollose’s share price has jumped 29.8 percent to sit at 6.1 cents with a market cap of $3.525 million.

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